Firefall Developer Blog Talks Dynamic Events

Red 5’s Bryan Malloroy talks about bringing the world to life with dynamic events in Firefall.

Dynamic events are one way to keep your world in a state of flux. MMOGs such as RIFT and Guild Wars 2 have taken this up a notch more recently than some other titles, and Red 5 is looking to utilize them to keep Firefall’s world alive and active as well.

Firefall will utilize two versions of dynamic events: Local Dynamic Events and Global Dynamic Events. Some Global events can be triggered by the player’s actions, drawing all of New Eden into the event while Local events are as the name implies, more localized and often themed to their respective areas.

You can learn more about the different types of dynamic events in Firefall and how they were designed in the latest developer blog.

Source: Firefall Developer Blog – Creating Dynamic World Events

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