Firefall Developer Blog Visits the Chosen Warfront

Posted Fri, Oct 12, 2012 by Martuk

Firefall designer Clancy Powell has posted a new developer blog to reveal more about the Chosen Warfront feature, an RPG style system that helps regulate dynamic events and encounters in a strategic manner. The system utilizes war plans by the Chosen to strike at certain targets which if lost will cost players the benefit of the taken area.

“Chosen will have organized squads that attack watchtowers and take them over. If they succeed, players across New Eden will lose access to the services provided by that watchtower, whether it be access to the SIN (Shared Intelligence Network), Battleframe stations, Health/Ammo pickups, etc. In order to unlock these services once again, players will have to take back the watchtower from the Chosen.”

There are a number of other features being tweaked and some being rebuilt from the ground up that will support the Chosen Warfront system Read the full blog to learn more about the Chosen Warfront system and how players can swing influence the war.

Source: Firefall Dev Blog – The Chosen Warfront


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