Last Chance: Firefall’s Final Public Beta Starts Today

Join Firefall this weekend for its final event beta and a chance to win some nice prizes.

If you won’t to give Firefall a try before July, this weekend is your last chance to do so. The final beta event is now underway and will remain available to anyone with a registered Firefall account throughout the weekend.

During the event, players will also have the chance to win some nice prizes to enhance their gaming rigs with items such as a Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition keyboard, an ATi Radeon iPower IceQ X² 3GB video card, limited edition Brontodon plushie, and a Commander-level Founder’s Pack.

The final beta event ends on Sunday, June 9th at 11:59PM PT. After that you’ll have to wait until the open beta kicks off on July 9th for another chance to play.

Source: Firefall Beta Event Page

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