Red 5 Adds Former BioWare and 38 Studios Devs to Firefall Team

By Stacy Jones -
FirefallÂ’s big crunch time for the summer update has brought some good fortune to a few people that needed it. PC Gamer recently learned that Red 5 has recruited dozens of displaced BioWare and 38 Studios devs, doubling the size of the design team.

“About 80 percent or 90 percent of the people we’ve added in the past few months have been from 38 and Bioware. Two months ago we had a staff of 60, and now we’re at just over 100,” lead class designer Dave Williams told PC Gamer at gamescom.

Williams explained that Red 5 spent almost a month recruiting, and managed to pick up some great MMO developer talent from the two studios. So while layoffs are never a good thing, the timing in this case seems to have worked out great for Red 5.

Source: PC Gamer

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