Free Realms Launches Sunstone Valley Update

Posted Wed, Sep 19, 2012 by Martuk

The furry creatures and players of Free Realms have some new stomping grounds to explore today. The first area expansion update is now live, adding the new Sunstone Valley zone complete with new content that includes:

    • New Quests - nearly 50 new quests that expand the main storyline, dive deeper into Blacksmithing, and more
    • New Battles - more than half a dozen overworld Combat Areas and Boss Battles, and several Combat Encounters
    • Minigames - 30 Blacksmithing recipes that provide players the ability to craft shards, armor, weapons and pets
    • New Items - players can look forward to a slew of new items including housing items, consumables, rides and more 

Visit the Free Realms website to learn more and check out the Sunstone Valley video after the break for a peek at the new content.

Source: SOE Press Release


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