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  • PlanetSide 2 Review - Attack Run
    PlanetSide 2 launched this week, and Ten Ton Hammer's resident PS2 expert has assembled a quick-start guide to get you on your way to kicking ass in no time.
    Basics, Guides
    Wed, Nov 21, 2012
  • PlanetSide 2 Review - Amerish Night
    Has PlanetSide's successor risen to meet the demands of a changing demographic? We stalked the forests of Amerish, battled the snow and chill of Esamir, and struggled through the dusty canyons of Indar to answer just that.
    Mon, Nov 26, 2012
  • PlanetSide2-Roll-Out.jpg

    PlanetSide 2 launch day arrives with a new trailer to reignite the war for Auraxis.

    Press Release, Release Date, News, Official Announcements
    Tue, Nov 20, 2012
  • PlanetSide2-Sniper-Team.jpg

    SOE's John Smedley, Matt Higby, Tramell Isaac and more sit down for a PlanetSide 2 pre-launch chat.

    Video, News
    Mon, Nov 19, 2012
  • NCmax2

    PlanetSide 2’s beta comes to a close later today and SOE makes some adjustments to time investments to certifications gains.

    Beta, News, Official Announcements
    Fri, Nov 16, 2012
  • PlanetSide2-Command-Center-E8.jpg

    Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac serve up a PlanetSide 2 beta update and visit the devs in this week’s Command Center.

    Video, News
    Wed, Nov 14, 2012
  • PlanetSide2-NC-Shooter.jpg
    PlanetSide 2 is racing toward its November 20 release. Ten Ton Hammer's resident PlanetSide 2 geek sat down with Matt Higby, Creative Director, for some last-minute words on the game's road to launch.
    Wed, Nov 07, 2012
  • PS2-Terrans-Move-In.jpg

    SOE advises players to take advantage of the PlanetSide 2 Alpha Squad pre-order to secure their names before the end of beta.

    Beta, News, Official Announcements
    Mon, Oct 29, 2012
  • Planetside 2 Sad Barnie

    Creative Director Matt Higby sits down for a chat about certs, combat, population and more in PlanetSide 2.

    Interviews, Video, News
    Wed, Oct 24, 2012
  • PS2-NC-Troops.jpg

    John Smedley delivers on his promise to of a PlanetSide 2 launch date at SOE live. Get the details after the jump.

    Release Date, News, Official Announcements
    Fri, Oct 19, 2012
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