Advanced MMO Game Search (Page 11)

Name Developer ESRB Rating Genre Platforms Release Date Monthly Fee
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online Ubisoft Singapore RP Near Future Windows Free-to-Play
Bots NHN Corporation NR Science Fiction Windows November 23, 2006 F2P with in-game ads and item mall
Bloodline Champions Stunlock Studios NR Fantasy Windows January 13th, 2011 Free-to-Play
Black Moon Chronicles Bruma Studios NR Fantasy Windows May 14, 2008 Mixed F2P and P2P
BiteFight Gameforge Productions NR Horror Windows F2P
Beyond Protocol Dark Sky Entertainment NR Science Fiction Windows November 21, 2008 P2P
BEN 10 Omniverse TurnOut Ventures NR Fantasy Windows TBA F2P
BC Wars GoldFire Studios NR Fantasy Windows Free-to-Play
Battleswarm: Field of Honor Game World Tech NR Science Fiction Windows November 19, 2009 F2P
Battle of the Immortals Perfect World Beijing NR Fantasy Windows Free-to-Play
Bang! Howdy Three Rings Design NR Fantasy
2005 Free-to-Play
DayZ Bohemia Interactive NR Horror Windows TBA TBA
World of Warships NR Windows TBA 2013 Free-to-Play
PlaneShift Blue Corporation NR Fantasy
TBA Free-to-Play
Auto Assault NetDevil T Science Fiction Windows April 11, 2006

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