Advanced MMO Game Search (Page 13)

Name Developer ESRB Rating Genre Platforms Release Date Monthly Fee
Victory: The Age of Racing Vae Victis NR Sports Windows TBA Free-to-Play
Warrior Epic Possibility Space NR Fantasy Windows May 14, 2009 F2P/Item Mall
Wind Slayer Outspark NR Fantasy Windows 4Q 2009 F2P
World of Battles Frogwares Studio NR Fantasy Windows 2010 F2P/Item Mall
World of Cars Online Disney Online NR Sports Windows August 2010 Free-to-Play
UFO Online Funatics NR Near Future Windows TBA Free-to-Play
Fists of Fu COG NR Fantasy Windows October 8th, 2010 Free-to-Play
Fireteam Reloaded Pixel Mine Games NR Science Fiction Windows June 11, 2008 F2P/Item Mall
Faxion Online UTV True Games RP Fantasy Windows May 26th, 2011 Free-to-Play
Dragon Nest Eyedentity Games NR Fantasy Windows September 28th, 2011 Free-to-Play
Dungeon Bandits Nvinium NR Comics Windows TBA F2P
Drift City NPluto NR Sports Windows November 1st, 2010 Free-to-Play
Dreamlords: Resurrection Lockpick Entertainment NR Fantasy Windows Re-launched on March 10th, 2011 Free-to-Play
Dream of Mirror Online Softstar NR Fantasy Windows December 18, 2007 F2P
Dragon Saga Barunson Interactive NR Fantasy Windows June 2009 F2P/Item Mall

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