Advanced MMO Game Search (Page 20)

Name Developer ESRB Rating Genre Platforms Release Date Monthly Fee
Dofus 2.0 Ankama Games NR Fantasy
Mix F2P/P2P
Gates of Andaron Zemi Interactive NR Fantasy Windows F2P
AdventureQuest Worlds Artix Entertainment NR Fantasy Windows F2P
Mercenary Wars Uforia, Inc. NR Windows TBA F2P
Sudden Attack GameHi inc. NR Windows September 17, 2009 F2P/Item Mall
Twelve Sky Aeria Games NR Fantasy Windows October 12, 2007 F2P/Item Mall
Turf Battles Aeria Games & Entertainment NR Fantasy Windows TBA F2P
Tibia CipSoft NR Fantasy
Linux (unsupported)
January 1, 1997 Freemium
Freaky Creatures Abandon Interactive Entertainment E10+ Fantasy Windows 3/24/09 Freemium
The Legacy of Holy Castle Ray Flame Entertainment Inc. NR Fantasy
F2P/Item Mall
Supreme Boxing Gamejam NR Sports Windows June 2008 Freemium
SpellCasters Overdose Cafein NR Science Fiction Windows N/A F2P
WolfTeam Softnyx NR Fantasy Windows 7/9/2009 Mix F2P/P2P
Shot Online Onnet, Co. Ltd E Sports Windows June 28, 2005 (Japan) F2P/Item Mall
Sho Online Lizard Interactive NR Fantasy Windows June 17, 2008 F2P/Item Mall

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