Advanced MMO Game Search (Page 24)

Name Developer ESRB Rating Genre Platforms Release Date Monthly Fee
Heroes In The Sky GamesCampus NR Windows September 15th, 2010 F2P
Exteel NCsoft T Science Fiction Windows December 4, 2007 F2P/Item Mall
Rush Fighters Acclaim Games Inc. NR Fantasy Windows F2P
The Chronicles of Spellborn Spellborn NV NR Fantasy Windows December 5, 2008 (EU) F2P
Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms Ubisoft NR Fantasy
August 27, 2010 Free-to-Play
The Witcher: Versus One2Tribe NR Fantasy Windows April 2010 F2P
Soul Master NPluto NR Fantasy Windows F2P
Martial Empires CR Space NR Fantasy Windows July 2010 F2P
Loong – Power of the Dragon DACN NR Fantasy Windows Q4 2010 F2P
League of Legends Riot Games T Fantasy Windows October 27, 2009 F2P
Transformers Online NetDragon Websoft NR Science Fiction Windows TBA 2011 TBA
Land of Chaos Online Danal Entertainment NR Fantasy Windows Free-to-play
Legendary Champions USERJOY Technology NR Fantasy Windows TBA F2P
War Rock Dream Execution Technology T Near Future Windows February 6, 2007 F2P/Item mall
Digimon Battle WeMade Entertainment NR Comics Windows F2P/Item Shop

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