Advanced MMO Game Search (Page 4)

Name Developer ESRB Rating Genre Platforms Release Date Monthly Fee
Asda Story MaxOn Soft NR Fantasy Windows August 27, 2008 F2P, Item Mall
Asda 2: Evolution MaxOn Soft NR Fantasy Windows Free-to-Play
Last Chaos Aeria Games NR Fantasy Windows F2P/Item Mall
Karos Online Galaxy Gate NR Fantasy Windows April 9th, 2010 F2P/Item Mall
Rosh Online: The Return of Karos Galaxy Gate NR Fantasy Windows Free-to-Play
Alliance of Valiant Arms RED DUCK Inc. NR Near Future Windows Late 2009 Free-to-Play
Aika JoyImpact NR Fantasy Windows Spring 2010 Free-to-Play
TERA: Rising Bluehole Studio M Fantasy Windows May 1st, 2012 Free-to-Play
Wizardry Online Gamepot & Headlock Inc. M Fantasy Windows January 30th, 2013 Free-to-Play
Hawken Adhesive Games T Science Fiction Windows TBA Free-to-play
SMITE Hi-Rez Studios RP Fantasy Windows TBA Free-to-Play
Path of Exile Grinding Gear Games NR Fantasy Windows TBA Free-to-Play
Age of Empires Online Gas Powered Games E10+ Windows August 17th, 2011 Free-to-Play
Warface Crytek NR Near Future Windows Spring 2013 Free-to-Play
Lucent Heart PlayCoo NR Fantasy Windows Free-to-Play

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