WoW Polar Madness Giveaway

Updated Sun, Feb 01, 2009 by Ralsu

This giveaway has ended.
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Unlock the Polar Bear Mount

The rules are simple: join the bear cavalry or get out if their way.

Not everyone had the time or cash to travel to BlizzCon 2008. That means some people missed out on a chance to get a card with an exclusive code to unlock the polar bear mount. Ten Ton Hammer was at BlizzCon 2008 and has you covered. We've teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment to deliver some of the ultra-rare BlizzCon 2008 cards for you.

Short of spending hundreds of dollars on auction sites, this could be your last chance to grab a mount that wll make your whole guild (your whole server!) jealous. It's a simple scenario: you want a polar bear mount, and we'll give it to you if you are one of our five lucky winners.

Any resident of the US or Canada with a valid Ten Ton Hammer account is eligible to enter this contest. Enter between January 19 and January 31, 2009.

Premium Advantage
Current Ten Ton Hammer Premium Members in good standing will receive one hundred chances to win with their entry.

Registered users will receive one chance to win with their entry. Want to get 100 chances to win? Consider becoming a Premium Member. In addition, you'll get exclusive content, extra forum options, access to the private Voon chat room, and the chance to support a gold-free network.


Each winner will receive... a BlizzCon 2008 card with a code to unlock the polar bear mount.

WoW Polar Madness prizes are courtesy of Ten Ton Hammer and Blizzard Entertainment
  • As per our privacy policy, we'll only use your email address for contest purposes.
  • Open to residents of the US and Canada only. Enter between January 19 and 31, 2009.
  • For complete contest rules, click here.

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