Age of Wushu - Contender's Pack Giveaway

Updated Thu, Feb 20, 2014 by Sardu

To celebrate the live launch of World of Contenders, Age of Wushu's recent major update, we've teamed up with our friends over at Snail Games for a Contender's Pack giveaway.

Each Contender’s Pack will grant you:

  • Dawan Horse (14 days)
  • Infiltrate and investigate (x10)
  • Medium Ruyi Pill
  • Steamed Bum (x200)
  • Bag of silver pieces
  • Reputation Scroll(5000)
  • Zichen Pill (x3)
  • Feather Clothes Set (14 Days)
  • Heartless Suit (14 Days)

The Contender's Pack giveaway will run through April 12, 2014. Please note that only one gift code can be redeemed per account!

To claim your code, hit the shiny link below:

Age of Wushu Contender's Pack Giveaway


Snail Games teases the new school betrayal feature coming to Age of Wushu in the first expansion of 2014.

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