Age of Wushu: Ultimate Scrolls Gift Pack Giveaway

By Reuben Waters -

Age of Wushu Ultimate Scrolls Gift Pack Giveaway

Age of Wushu's Ultimate Scrolls expansion has been unleashed upon the masses, and to help celebrate we're giving away some kick-ass Gift Pack codes. You know you totally want one. Or if you don't yet, you will once you see the list of items you'll be able to snag for your Wushu account, listed below for your viewing pleasure.

Each Gift Pack will grant you:

  • Refined Snow lotus Pill (1)
  • Tendon-exchanging Pill (10)
  • Purple Spirit Pill (25)
  • Repairing Tool (100)
  • Heavenly Origin Soul Pill (5)
  • Travelling Token (10)
  • Windride Potion (3)

Codes will be available until December 13, 2013, though you'll want to snag yours now while our supplies last. Please note that you can only claim one gift code per account. Otherwise, mutant snow worms will no doubt consume your eyeballs, and none of us want that to happen.

To snag your key and further details on redemption instructions, be sure to hit the shiny link below:

Age of Wushu: Ultimate Scrolls - Gift Pack Giveaway

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