Angels Wrath Starter Pack Giveaway

Angel's Wrath is a free-to-play, browser-based MMO from LeKool featuring loads of anime cuteness. Want to give it a try? Grab a free starter pack code and go!
Angels Wrath Starter Pack Giveaway

Angels Wrath is a Fantasy themed browser-based MMORPG from Lekool Inc. that features cute anime characters, simple game play, and an interesting story line.

Players can choose from one of four classes: Berserker, Archer, Dancer or Monk, each with a unique ability. The game features social events, and other MMO standards such as dungeons, an arena, mounts, and pets.

Starter pack includes:

  • Uncommon Tempering Material
  • 3 Enlighten Charm R1
  • 2 Mythic Pet Phase Balls
  • Nectar
  • Blue Shard
  • 2 50 Silver Coupons
    • What do Blue Shards and Mythic Pet Phase Balls do? You'll have to play to find out. Ready to give this free-to-play game a try? Grab a starter pack code and get your game on!

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