City of Steam New Server Pack Giveaway

By Reuben Waters -

City of Steam New Server Pack Giveaway

To help celebrate the launch of two new servers for City of Steam, we've partnered with our friends over at Mechanist Games for their New Server Pack Giveaway. Each pack includes a number of awesome items, from consumables to cosmetic items, so be sure to snag one of your very own today!

Items Included Inside the New Server Pack

  • 5x Keys - To unlock chests in the dungeons
  • 10x Alloys - Alloys are consumed when smelting weapons
  • 50x Metals - This resource is required to upgrade equipment
  • 2x Level 1 Mod Box - This box contains a random level 1 Mod
  • 5x Mechanist Pyroflare - This canister fires a small burst of energy in the shape of a toiler's face a few seconds after being lit
  • 10x Potent Health Quaff - It restores 5,000 Health over 10 seconds
  • 10x Potent Steam Quaff - It restores 100 Steam over 6 seconds
  • 1x Spiked Goggle - Cool cosmetic item
  • 1x Vented Goggle - Cool cosmetic item
  • 1x Drum Tophat - Cool cosmetic item
  • 1x Small Spiremark Bundle (500 Spiremarks) - Spiremarks can be used to expand backpack, purchase items, etc

How to Claim Your Code

City of Steam players may only register one promo code per account. To claim your code be sure to hit the shiny link below. This will take you to the offical Ten Ton Hammer Giveaways site. On the Giveaways site you will be able to claim a code, and will also be able to view the full redemption instructions.

City of Steam New Server Pack Official Giveaway Page

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