Dragon's Prophet Closed Beta Giveaway

Updated Thu, May 02, 2013 by Shayalyn

Dragon's Prophet Closed Beta Giveaway

If you're going to fight beside a mythical creature, it might as well be a dragon. Dragon’s Prophet, developed by Runes of Magic creators Runewalker Entertainment and published by SOE, entered closed beta in March and will launch as a free-to-play MMOG in 2013. Players will be transported to the dragon-filled, beautiful world of Auratia, where they can fight, capture, train and ride hundreds of unique dragons. Dragon’s Prophet features an action-based combat system that gives players visceral battle action gameplay. Set in a realm where dragons roam the land, sea and air, the game lets players align and battle a variety of dragons as they work to restore order to the land from the evil Black Dragon that has escaped his eternal prison, and is more dangerous than ever.

Ten Ton Hammer has your key to the draconic kingdom, but supplies are limited. Get your Dragon's Prophet closed beta key before they're gone!


When i enter the key i get: Beta Key is invalid or already in use....

yeah I have the same issue

you sure? this is for NA server not EU server.

ah that might be it - sadly my soe account is now stuck in an infinite loop of you must reset password / you cannot reset password for 24 hours now ¬.¬ I'll try again tomorrow.

yay thanks!

lol thanks!

I get the same message is there a solution/workaround for it? Thanks!

I get the same message is there a solution/workaround for it? Thanks!

lol this site so laggy.

did you get it working? i havent been able to get past the SOE site, when i enter the code there it says that all abilities have been granted to my account but dosnt give me a download option

"We're sorry, the code you have entered has already been redeemed or has expired. If you believe you are receiving this message in error please try again. If the issue persists please request assistance at" - I received just a few minutes ago. What should I do now? :S

I have error "This Beta key is invalid or already in use" ...

It's NA Server one. Not EU.

i have EU Dragons Prophet Beta Key. Who wants to trade it for their NA beta key?

We ca\n trade if you'd like! I have a NA key :)

lets trade then

I'm sorry mate, made a trade with another fellow gamer!

well i confirmed the code in my SOE account and im lost after that. it doesn't give a DL link or anything... any help would be greatly appreciated

thx lol i actually had to call SOE i guess i had a rare occurrence where when i activated the key it said that it wasnt a recognized key but was activated on my SOE account, it was strange but the game is awesome lol happy to be a bug reporter :)

nice have fun playing ^^


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