DUST 514 Beta Giveaway - Double XP Weekend

Itchy trigger finger? Ten Ton Hammer has your ticket to the boots-on-the-ground action of DUST 514, CCP's PS3 exclusive shooter set in the EVE Online universe. Get your beta key now to take advantage of a double XP weekend.

Honing your merc into the ultimate killing machine takes time, so this weekend, all Skill Points (SP) earned in the DUST 514 beta will be doubled!Every battle players participate in from October 31 through November 7 will award twice the SP, making your skills skyrocket the more you take part in beta hostilities.

The DUST 514 beta is online 23/7, so log on and jump into battle. YouÂ’ll end up twice the merc you used to be. Grab your DUST 514 beta key and get into the action!

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