The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key Giveaway

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Elder Scrolls Online Beta Weekend Giveaway

As we enter the home stretch leading up to the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, the folks over at Zenimax Online are hosting another beta event this weekend. This is a perfect chance to dive in and check out the game if you haven't already done so, and we've got a fresh batch of beta keys to get you on your way.

The Beta Weekend begins this Friday, Feb 28 at 12:00 PM ET, and runs through Sunday, March 2 at 11:59 PM ET. For those of you claiming keys, you will want to begin downloading the game client early to insure you'll be patched up and ready to go for the start of the event on Friday.

Keys are available to registered Ten Ton Hammer users, and are limited to one key per user. If you haven't registered yet, you can do so here. For registered users, hit the shiny link below to visit our official giveaway page and claim your key!

We'll be releasing batches of 1,000 keys each hour for the next five hours, so you'll want to check back later if you're not able to claim a key from the first batches. We'll be sure to update everyone here and on our social media feeds once all keys have been depleted.

Please note: If you're unable to view the giveaway page linked below, make sure you're logged in by hitting the Login link at the top right corner of the giveaway site.

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key Giveaway

Am I the only one which have problems with activating the code ?

My code won't work as well all I receive is an "invalid code" error

My code won't work as well all I receive is an "invalid code" error

they say I am unable to receive one even if I registered u know why?

Yep my code doesn't work.

Is there a specific error message you're receiving when attempting to register your code? While I can't do anything directly re: key redemption, I can be sure to pass any relevant info along to Zenimax and work with them to resolve any issues.

Just says: "Invalid code" and that's it.

I've registered my account accordingly to the Step by Step tutorial provided, after that I enter here in my account page - https--accountelderscrollsonlinecom/users/account, there are Two buttons - "Redeem Code" for both i get the following message - "You are not allowed to redeem this code. Please review our Privacy Policy."

I am getting the same message

Thanks for the info -- I'll pass it along and hopefully any invalid code errors will be resolved shortly. I'll let you know if I find out any info in the meantime otherwise.

Now it worked, but I was having issues with not detecting a Zip Code for my country, as mine uses a special character, but it's working now :)

Awesome - glad to hear the issue is resolved for you. Have fun this weekend!

is it possible to revisit the code if you closed it by mistake?

If you accidentally closed the page containing your key, I should be able to pull it up in our system for you. Send me an email at: reuben[at]tentonhammer[dot]com along with the email you used to register / claim your key and I can recover it for you.

Code worked fine, downloading now.

Tyvm! :)

Glad to hear it -- have fun this weekend!

Getting ''Invalid code'' on ESO site!!!

Invalid code.

Same for me, Invalid code

Invalid code for me also, but then I was in the last beta and my account still says I have beta access. If I don't need another code, I'll happily give it to someone else.

I was in the last beta to and thought that May have been the reason why my code said it was invalid

The Official ESO twitter account tweeted last night that if you were in the last beta, you're AUTOMATICALLY in this beta (and any future betas).

"Elder Scrolls Online ‏@TESOnline 9h

.@romainborboen If you were invited to a previous #ESO beta event, you don't need a new key; we hope you join us in Tamriel this weekend!"

That being said, please give my code to someone else!

Got an invalid code =/

says im not allowed to get a code


invalid code. same issue with ZAM. So i presume is Zenimax's fault?

*EDIT. from their twitter:
Elder Scrolls Online ‏@TESOnline 1h
@zax2209 If you previously took part in #ESO beta, you do not need to redeem your key again upon receiving an invitation.

Says "We're sorry but you do not have permission to sign up for this giveaway. "

If you see this message, make sure you are logged in to this website...

Hi is there any possibility to get beta acess on account created and used earlier for beta acess?

Log in to that account and see if it already has beta access. If no, you can use one of these keys. If it does have beta access, you don't have to do anything but download and patch!

Thank you ;)

i keep getting were sorry but you dont have permission to sign up for this giveway

1. try a different browser
2. if you're under 18, look at your region age limit..i think U.S. is 18 and EU is 16. Not sure although.

my code wasn't working but when i re typed it without caps it worked

Thank you Ten Ton for making these available! Worked like a charm!

my problem now is that the launcher wont get beyond 30mb not even able to get to downloading the client

ok turning my antivirus worked thats stupid lol

Hey guys, I got a beta key that I really don't need that goes for what the description said. Remember, there is only one person who gets it so don't complain if it doesn't work after someone else took it. Here it is: LH3H3W9HHN9L65FCK3K5

I think the reason for the key failing is because we allhad one for the previous beta and are trying to redeem it on that account....

so we shouldnt need another key just use the existing account

Guys all of you have to download 21Gb as an update from last beta??

I want this game!

doesnt work

if u got in last beta Lesser, u dont need a new key, you're already in.

I'm registered, logged in and receive the message not eligible for this giveaway. What's up?

I'm getting the same thing, not sure why.
Tried IE, FF, and Chrome so it is not a browser thing

There is a glitch on the page...Once I got that message, I hit the login button on THAT page and then I got the key

I'm logged in and everything and its giving me "We're sorry but you do not have permission to sign up for this giveaway." :(

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