Win an EverQuest 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition Book

Join Ten Ton Hammer and Sony Online Entertainment in celebrating EverQuest's 13 year anniversary, not to mention its conversion to free-to-play, and enter for your chance to win a hardcover EverQuest Collector's Edition art book. To sweeten the deal, the book is signed by the original EverQuest creators!
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If you're an MMO gamer, odds are better than average that you lost your MMOginity in the lands of Norrath, playing one of the all time classics (and arguably the game responsible for kicking off the MMO genre), EverQuest. In celebration of EverQuest's 13th anniversary and conversion to free-to-play, Ten Ton Hammer and Sony Online Entertainment have teamed up to give away a hardcover 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition EverQuest Art Book. And to sweeten the deal, the book is signed by the original EverQuest team! Here are some details:

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EverQuest: The 10th Anniversary CollectorÂ’s Edition Book

A beautiful, full-color hardcover book which brings the world of Norrath to life. The book includes concept art to final 3D art representations of famous EverQuest and EverQuest II locations, as well as descriptions and commentary from the development and community teams. Interviews include key contributors to the EverQuest legacy, such as John Smedley, Russell Shanks, Brad McQuaid and many others. Concept and promotional images of famous NPCs are also presented, with interview notes from the developers about why and how they were created. Wireframe model shots, rendered shots and previously unreleased artwork are also featured.

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