Updated: Excalibur Mobile MMORPG Gift Code Giveaway

Updated Thu, Oct 24, 2013 by Sardu

Excalibur Mobile MMORPG Gift Code Giveaway

For our latest giveaway we've serving up a tasty batch of Excalibur gift codes, straight out of the oven. This is one hot mobile MMORPG that you'll definitely want to consume, and these gift codes certainly spice things up!

If you're looking for a new mobile game to play, but one that offers more depth similar to a traditional MMO, then look no further than Excalibur. Available for iOS and Android devices, as the name suggests, Excalibur is set in the age of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and blends strong RPG hooks with side-scrolling action gaming, all wrapped in a neat multiplayer package.

Sound interesting? Then the screenshots below will help give you a closer look at the game in action:

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Whether you've already an active Excalibur player, or just learning about the game for the first time and plan on diving in, you're in luck as we've got a fresh batch of gift codes to give away. Each gift code grants you:

  • 500,000 Gold (in-game money)
  • 300 Luna (points used to increase stats)

To claim your code and detailed redemption instructions, hit the shiny link below:

UPDATE: Unfortunately the codes went quickly, so the current giveaway is now closed. If you're interested in seeing our other active giveaways, be sure to visit the official Ten Ton Hammer Giveaways Portal!

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