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Updated Thu, Dec 15, 2011 by Shayalyn

Gaah! You Missed It!

Pick 6 Games to Win!

Had you been here sooner, you would've been able to enter our epic contest for a chance to win free games for a year! But you weren't, so you can't. Bummer. We'll announce a winner as soon as the winner is verified.

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Vote for Most Anticipated Game of 2012

While we have your attention, let us ask you which game you're most looking forward to next year. We asked our readers, and their nearly 78,000 votes across two categories (spurred on by a community versus community voting death match) helped us narrow the field to six amazing choices. Vote in the Most Anticipated Game of 2012 Finals, and then come back once per day to keep your favorite on top.

Why are you putting The Old Republic with the 2012 releases?

Well, we're not voting on it for our Most Anticipated Games of 2012 because it'll release in late 2011, but we did make mention of it it in the contest because the contest will close, and the winner will be announced, before The Old Republic goes live. So, technically...the winner could include that game among their six picks. Make sense? :)

Your awesome brilliance dazzles once again! Great contest :D

Oh, and found anyone else to appreciate your doctor who quips since the last time I visited the forums? :)

We have a few rare and special individuals who appreciate The Doctor as much as I do. ;)

I am an avid Doctor Who fan who appreciates everything Doctor related! :)

We'll save you a seat in the TARDIS!

So what do we do about the validation error again?

WTF is the deal with the Validation Error...?
I've been a Premium Member for a looong time. Why am I getting this?

I apologize for the inconvenience. We want you to have a good experience, and I promise you some hamsters will be severely chastised for not running things efficiently.

But seriously...

We made a slight tweak to the web form permissions. Past experience has shown us that it takes a while for the cache to catch up. You can try logging out, then logging in again, or logging in using another browser, but the issue should resolve itself magically given a little time, too,

Yeah, I tried completing the form a bit later and was successful. Thanks for the response.

Btw, I like teddy bear hampsters...

Epic faillure...
So I spend my time looking for links and the site force closes for no reason when I return and try again it tells me I have already submitted...

Sorry about the problem you experienced. I've verified that we do have your entry. Thanks!

Also I'm logged in but it tells me to log in to see the 'form' ;).

ugh! Says I already submitted form.... rip off....

Sorry about the hiccup. I can verify that your entry was received.

Thank you. :)

Please verify entry received. I had same issue as AC and TheChosenOne. Thnx!

Apologies for the error. (We're working on it.) Yes, we do have your entry. Thanks!

Keeps saying --

Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.

Please advise.

Apologies for the hiccup!

Please try the following:

1. If you are logged in, log out
2. Clear your browser's cache and cookies
3. Log into the site again
4. Navigate to the contest page and attempt your entry again

Sometimes minor changes to the contest page can result in these validation errors (although I don't know of any changes made to the page recently). Time, more often than not, solves the problem. However, if you can't get in within the next half hour, please email the information you would have filled into the form fields to shayalyn [at] and I'll create an entry for you manually.

If I won I wouldn't believe it. NOT with my luck. Even in games people say you have "toons name" luck which is horrible. I roll 1 and 2s while other roll in the 90s.

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