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Gaah! You Missed It!

Pick 6 Games to Win!

Had you been here sooner, you would've been able to enter our epic contest for a chance to win free games for a year! But you weren't, so you can't. Bummer. We'll announce a winner as soon as the winner is verified.

What should you do now? For starters, you could become a Ten Ton Hammer fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (or both!) to make sure you stay up to date on great contests, giveaways, beta grabs, exclusive content, breaking news and more.

Vote for Most Anticipated Game of 2012

While we have your attention, let us ask you which game you're most looking forward to next year. We asked our readers, and their nearly 78,000 votes across two categories (spurred on by a community versus community voting death match) helped us narrow the field to six amazing choices. Vote in the Most Anticipated Game of 2012 Finals, and then come back once per day to keep your favorite on top.

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