Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Giveaway

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Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Become a fan of Ten Ton Hammer to stay on top of the latest giveaways!

Seize the Opportunity to Try the Best MMO of 2012!

When Ten Ton Hammer's editors convened last year to determine the winners of our Best of 2012 Awards last December, there was one title on which none of us were divided--we all believed that Guild Wars 2 was hands down the best MMO of 2012.

If, despite our glowing recommendation, you haven't tried Guild Wars 2 for yourself yet, Ten Ton Hammer has partnered with NCSoft and ArenaNet to bring you an opportunity to play this polished, compelling title during its upcoming free trial weekend, April 19-21, 2013.

GRAB YOUR CODE, and await your chance to storm Tyria and experience its dynamic world and engaging personal story, plus PvP and World v. World v. World excitement. This giveaway will end when all codes are gone, or at midnight Eastern on April 16th. Send your friends to get their free trial code while they last

I want this game D:


This is a JOKE

No matter what link you press you are automatically logged out

Page states you must be logged in. So you log in, and go to page only to find you have been logged out AGAIN

Even whilst logged in, the link tells you "You must be logged in to receive code"
Even the Error message comes up ... "There are 0 error on page please email support to fix this"

Unfortunately I can confirm this. I attempted logging in before it, during the error screen, and after it. It continuously logs you out or simply gives you an error message saying there is no specific error.

Edit: Interestingly enough it did work this time. It was either an issue with or something else. I would suggest closing your browser and trying it again, as that may fix it. Or if you just made your account like I did, to wait a bit before trying again.

Yep... Hard not to be cynical about it :(

EDIT: Worked fine today.... Thanks for attending to the problem. Nothing dissipates cynicism quicker than providing service.

Hey guys,

We believe it is a caching problem. If you get in a "login loop" please try to force refreshing the page (shift+F5 or shift+clicking the reload button) after logging in.

If you continue to have problems mail me via hoskin at

No need to be cynical. We'll get you your key.

--John "Boomjack" Hoskin

HELP!!! I fallen into a login loop and can't get up!

Whenever I try to get it it just keeps reloading the "verify your email address" page.

Ditto, all I get is the "verify your email address" page, even after trying to force refreshing the page.

All I get is the "Email" page. How do I get around that?

We believe folks are experiencing some login caching issues. If you're having trouble claiming a code, please try this workaround:

  • Log out of
  • Clear your browser's cache
  • Log back in at (not the giveaway page)
  • Click the front page link to the Guild Wars 2 giveaway
  • Follow the news post link to the giveaway page and click "GET YOUR KEY"

If this workaround fails to resolve the issue, please contact support [at]

Thanks for your patience!

It's not working, nothing happened if i click send after i type my email.

The original suggestion worked fine

After registering, and first set of looping, I closed my browser.
Went and made a cup of coffee, came back and logged back in about 10mins later

Everything worked properly, and I got my key

Now just have to wait until weekend :)

Ditto, all I get is the "verify your email address" page, even after trying to force refreshing the page.

Ditto, all I get is the "verify your email address" page, even after trying to force refreshing the page.

Giveaway ended on the 16th. Where did you get the link to it? Our page has a HUGE "Giveaway has ended" message, but other sites might still be linking to us which could cause confusion.

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