Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Giveaway

Posted Fri, Jun 01, 2012 by Shayalyn

Our friends over at ArenaNet and NCSoft were awesome enough to give us 500 beta codes to give away for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta weekend running from June 8-10. For those of you who haven’t already pre-purchased the game to secure access this is a great chance to dive into one of the beta weekends to check the game out.

Before you head over to grab your key, make sure you understand how the giveaway will work. Here are the details:

The giveaway page can be found here: Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Giveaway. Please note that the page will not be accessible until the beginning of the giveaway time listed below!

  • We will be giving away two batches of keys (250 keys per batch) on a first come, first served basis.

  • The first batch will become available at 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern time on Friday, June 1st, with the second batch available at 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern time on Saturday, June 2nd.

  • As soon as the keys are made available, you can claim your key here.

  • On the giveaway page, you will be asked a simple question that our readers at GuildWars2Hub should be able to answer easily. For those of you who are newer to the site, we'll give you a hint: delivering the correct answer on the giveaway page will be the only way to secure your key, so be sure to familiarize yourself with some of our regular, weekly features!

  • You will also be given the option to sign up for the brand new GW2Hub newsletter that we'll be kicking off later this June. More details on the newsletter and additional opportunities to sign up will be hitting the site over the next couple of weeks, but this is a great opportunity to sign up early before the rush!

Redemption Details

Once you've secured your key, please follow these instructions for redemption to make sure you will be able to use it to participate in the beta weekend starting on June 8th.

Please Note: The keys will only grant you access to the next beta weekend. If you would like to secure access to all future beta weekends as well as 3 days head start access to the live game, you will need to pre-purchase the game at the official Guild Wars 2 website.

Key Redemption Instructions:

To get started, please take the BWE2 code and enter it here:

This step is critical! If you have an email address associated with ArenaNet (by participating in the last beta test in March, or if you have a Guild Wars 1 account), select "Yes" on the registration page and log-in with your previously created Guild Wars credentials.

If this is your first beta event for Guild Wars 2 or you do not have a Guild Wars 1 account, select No. Follow the onscreen instructions for setting up an account.

Once you’ve completed the beta key registration process, you can expect an email prior to the event detailing how to download the client.

If you have any trouble, please visit:

Woot! Made it in!


I got my key but whenever I try to register it tells me:

There was an unspecified error. Please try again.
Looking for help? Click here to visit the support website.

Go back
400:42:1012:6:1337 ErrTimeout

Already tried support, they are taking forever to get back to me D=

same problem, does someone know if that key i have on my email was send to another people too?

I fixed that by now using the email from my first guildwars and a new email and no it wasnt dont worry i had the same thing , was flipping+ MAKE SURE YOUR PASS consists of 8 letters

Hey there.
I'm from Europe and I'm not very familiar with the time difference. Is it 12pm EST or EDST?

EDT. We are currently GMT -4:00

Good luck!



Nope. Keep trying.

Where should i keep trying? :p Normal page?

Is the giveaway over now? I couldnt get to the page untill now (prob because of the massive no. of ppl trying to log on but it still says "Sorry, we're out of keys until Saturday, June 2nd at noon US Eastern / 9am Pacific / 1700 GMT." :/

"Sorry, we're out of keys until Saturday, June 2nd at noon US Eastern / 9am Pacific / 1700 GMT." Is what it says on the page.. 9:40am here... Did I miss it again, and they just updated the page incorrectly, or did someone oversleep? ;)

I am confused. I showed up to the right time and I could click the link to get the key...It directed me to a page saying it was closed when i thought it wasn't even started. Was this a slip up or are you really out of keys?

Didn't even stand a chance despite the fact that I had about 12 tabs open. :/

:( I wanted a key so bad. I kept refreshing all the time until I could click it. Even then I didnt get one...Can't believe it.

Would really want a key... :C

Darn, I slept in.

i need key

You and me both.

still waiting for the next load...

Seems someone fell asleep over there at TTH lol.

been working on this for the past hour and it still says they're out until saturday at noon blah blah..

someone slept in over on tth?

Well, I wish someone had fixed the gievaway page to reflect that they were also out for today, so I could have avoided sitting here for the past half hour clicking like a monkey.

so where are the keys? wasn't 12:00 noon already 1 hour ago?

12 noon was 15 mins ago

Are there any more keys coming or what? Just give us a heads up please. So we don't have to waste our time hitting F5.

Thank you.

1700 GMT was and where are keys .)

Any confirmation from the admins would be nice...

"look at them refresh! we don't have those keys! trololol"
i know which game you guys are playing D:

the keys were released 1 hour and 23 mins ago

Can you confirm that they're all gone? Thanks.

impossible my little man.

i am still hitting F5 and hope for key >< Feel strange myself -/

Thanks for the key TTH!

what key, from yesteryday?:)

No, from today. I got it almost 2 hrs ago, but just now I posted the thanks :p Even set up the alarm on my phone to let me know when it'd be time to login to the site.

stop trollin. they havent updated the page yet. slackers

are they always this late with updating stuff?

i've been camping this since 9:00 AM PST.

There was no giveaway i believe. The website isn't even update.

I am a TTH member for more than 5 years and this happens quite often

This what?No giveaway at the right time?:)

Yes. If you ignore them trolls who "already got the key" then yes. TTH can be late

I got a key at around 12:20. It took me like 3 mins to refresh the page. Hard lag. The keys are probably gone by now.

Took me about 10 minutes to get my key. The site was lagging HARD. At one time I had 10 tabs opened trying to load the link to get the key.

Dumbass..way to cause more lag.

The question was a the fill in the blank question. The answer was "Dolyak".

Yes ofc =) My answer was "Dildo"

They DID give them out at the right time. It read "noon eastern", which was nearly 2 hours ago. If you failed to get a key yesterday, like myself, you'd still have plenty of time to set up an alarm in your phone to go off around 11:55am EDT, just like I did.

i've been trying for over 2 hours, haven't seen a change since then. i think it's obvious enough they haven't even got to it

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