Guild Wars 2 BWE 3 Closed Beta Giveaway

Ten Ton Hammer has your ticket Guild Wars 2's third and final beta weekend event (BWE) on July 20th-22nd. Grab your beta key for the game everyone's talking about and take it out for a spin before launch on August 28th!

The third and final beta weekend event (BWE) for Guild Wars 2 is approaching on July 20th-22nd! GW2's newest races and starting areas--the Asura and Sylvari--will be playable for the first time. If you haven't pre-purchased (or entered a key from another partner giveaway) but you can't wait to take Guild Wars 2 for a spin, you're in luck! Guild Wars 2 Hub and Ten Ton Hammer have partnered with ArenaNet to provide your ticket to the fun!

Although we have a plentiful supply, keys could vanish quickly, so hurry up and get your Guild Wars 2 BWE 3 Beta Key!

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