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The Lord of the Rings Online is marking its 5th anniversary. To help celebrate, Ten Ton Hammer is giving away some amazing prizes, including a lifetime VIP membership for one lucky winner!

Check out the LOTRO 5th anniversary dev diary:

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I just love that the game has festivals. The anniversary festival has been so much fun! Happy anniversary to them!

Happy fifth anniversary! Funny thing is, what I love about this game most of all is the subtle ways it reminds me of another game of Turbine's: Asheron's Call 2.

What I love most about LOTRO is the community and raiding ToO. T2 is a beast but Ima knock it out!

Great universe, Great storyline. the gameplay is addictive and a bonus, you can play for free! :)

Great universe, Great storyline. the gameplay is addictive and a bonus, you can play for free! :)

I agree wholeheartedly

Seriously, what is NOT to love about LOTRO? I can escape into the world of Middle Earth and do pretty much anything, I love it! My first MMO ever, just celebrated my own 1 year anniversary :D

I love Lotro's dynamic play, greater depth than competition, and the wonderful community of players.

I love it for reasons that have nothing to do with Tolkien. In fact, I’m not all that big on the books in the first place. It’s still a really solid and deep MMO with a great culture, great players and beautiful landscapes. I don’t get a thrill out of talking to Gandalf or Strider but I can still go to the Prancing Pony in my new Present costume and play Safety Dance, or go to the Misty Mountains and watch the aurora in the night sky. Or I can just relax and do some farming while I watch something on Netflix. And I don’t need to worry about people spamming their goldfarming services, or anyone named xX!-HeAdShOt-!Xx spamming profanity. I don’t need to worry about being a “noob,” or not being able to cut it in PvP.

I love LOTRO not because it’s an excellent Lord of the Rings MMO, but because it’s an excellent MMO, period.

Gratz, Turbine!

What I love? Legendary weapons. Happy anniversary lotro.

i have played lotro for over 4 years and i think its the best mmo out there i love everything from the books to the end game stuff and everything inbetween happy birthday anniversary

I love the story in this game. It really draws you into the world.

I've been playing (and paying) on and off for almost 5 years now, and no matter what happens in game or out of it, playing LotRO feels like coming home. Happy Anniversary LoTRO - and may you have many more!

Great and never ending story, picturesque universe, endless stream of adventures! Happy birthday, LOTRO!

I have played LOTRO for years because there is ALWAYS something new to do when I sign in. Questing, crafting, festivals, raiding. It covers everything I may be in the mood for.

I appreciate the fact that LoTRO practices virtual equality. My female avatar in LoTRO wears REAL clothing - not a chainmail bikini.

What I love most about LOTRO is the story, the quests and the community. Happy aniversary!

What I love about The Lord of the Rings Online? Turbine brought the world created by JRR Tolkien to life and that I get visit, live, play, enjoy .... it!

Happy Anniversary LOTRO!

LOTRO makes you got INTO the game as no other MMO!

The music is great, the graphics are good, the history is marvellous, the worls is just awesome to discover and the best, the community is welcoming and very nice.

Many bit MMOs have a lot to learn with LOTRO and Turbine.

I love the community, Best community in any MMO I've ever played. Devs are actively seeking input and players are generally mature.

Love LOTRO - they have this appeal that keeps bringing people back, even after 5 years. They are doing a great job with keeping the new content coming out.

Only game that has been able to keep me coming back

I totally love lotro because of the amazing world it brought to live, something I dreamed of since I was 7 years old and got my father’s old copy of the hobbit in my hands.
It has amazing graphics, an unusual pvp world and you can just do everything in it. I have tried rp’ing, raiding, pvp’ing, crafting or just walking and sitting around and I still think back in joy of all those moments. I remember the first thing I did when I got online for the first time was just press F12 and run around looking at all the amazing sceneries and take screenshots of every corner. ^_^
That’s a long time ago by now but every once in a while I just open my old maps and go through it, and then I always have to start a new character and just go run around, level a bit, have fun, talk with people and just enjoy it.
Here’s to a happy 5 years and 5 more to come! Thank you turbine for making sure middle-earth online got real! <3

I love that the community of players is amazing!

I love landscapes, people on the road and great market. Also great is that we are crafting needed stuff. Happy anniversary LotR:O.

I love LOTRO for the fact that you can just roam around for hours and admire the scenery. Happy 5th anniversary!

I've always loved LOTR, and from the first time i heard about LOTRO i greatly desired the game, unfortunatley, at the time i couldn't afford buying the game, but the same day it went Free to Play i downloaded the game and started playing immediatley. Since then i've always been playing as much as possible, gone VIP and bought the Isengard expansion. I'll make this promisse to Turbine: "as long as they give me the same quality experience in Middle Earth as they do today, i'll stay a customer!" Because who doesen't love running around in Tolkien's world slaying orcs, launching fireworks, drinking ale and making awsome outfits?

The game is so realistic you start living your character

I love running instances with my kinnies, win or die. Happy anniversary!

I love LOTRO for your brilliant history and universe, and dynamic play, everything in this game is great... A happy birthday for LOTRO community, players and Turbine, and more birthdays soon!

I love the world in LOTRO. I find they get the feel really right on most things for the Lord of the Rings books. I also love the little surprises that are here and there for explorers, such as the Cat Lady's House, the three trolls from Bilbo's adventures, the sly references to the Inklings in the one quest, and other little inside jokes and tropes.

I love that they've been working on redesigning the festivals to be new and improved the last couple of years. While we don't always get everything we want, it does feel like Turbine is listening often.

Happy Anniversary, LOTRO!

I love lord of the rings online for the following reasons:
1. No overflashy, uberfantasy armor like WoW
2. Very nice graphics but not too much to be unable to play on older computers, so nearly everyone can play this game
3. the quest lines are not small but not huge either, they have the perfect length (timewise).
4. The fact that you cannot be in a party with more than 6 people, this makes the game a lot more exciting
5. the easy method to put on cosmetics
6. everyone helps eachother, pro or noob. Nobody judges you on your level
7. it's just an awesome MMO with not too much or too less features, it's perfectly balanced.

for these reasons i want to thank turbine, and also wish the a happy anniversary!

I love being able to walk the same ground as Tom Bombadil, Frodo Baggins, and Arwen Evenstar.

Congratulations on 5 years Turbine!

I love how lotro adheres to and respects the lore in the Lord of the Rings world while expanding it and giving it their own take to make a living, breathing realistic place to call home. The lore and dialogue writers and world designers are excellent and always underappreciated.

Happy Anniversary, Turbine.

LOTRO IS AWESAME!!! Best way to describe

Hello I love Lotro for the atmospheric world and the fun it provides me every day for over three years. regards

I love LotRO because of the great content, the quick support, and the friendships I've made through it!

LOTRO recreates Middle Earth, and not the movies but the essence of Tolkien. Their passion of detail in ME is amazing. I love reading the hints of lore that are woven through out the quests. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOTRO!

I like, LOTRo, i'm playing it for whole 5 years it exists, and will play it till the end :)

Happy 5th Anniversary! *great fireworks too!*

Happy anniversary LOTRO!! I've been with you from the beginning and have enjoyed every moment together. My most favourite thing is how emmersive your world is & how much detail that goes into the littlest of things. Here's to many more great times together.

I love lotro for many reason.. main one is the graphics and bring the tolkein world to life. THey have done a tremendous job of bring out everything from Moria, Rivendale, Bree and now Fangorn and Beyond.

The game is fun the Epic quest line is excelent. Just the graphics and the design along with the music has made me love the world we are adventuring in.

Spending time here with my friends and family and meeting so many new friends is just the best time I could have in such a beautifuly designed world.

Thanks Turbine Staff for all that you have done, and keep up the great work.


I love the community in LOTRO and the gameplay is so much fun. Turbine has been so inventive and ingenious about making the players part of the story line of the books. It's like no other game out there! Happy anniversary LOTRO! Looking forward to many more years of fun!

LOTRO is the one and only MMO I've ever played. I just love how I get to interact with characters, world and places that I love from the books/movies. I love festivals and collecting mounts!

I love LOTRO for the community- it truly is the best. Happy anniversary, LOTRO!

What I love most about LOTRO is the world Turbine has created, I love riding around and exploring. Congratulations on five years.

I have been playing LotRO for a little over a year and a 1/2. I love the game and have several characters on several servers. I think the graphics and gameplay are top notch. I love the epic storyline. Happy Birthday LotRO!!!

There are too many reasons to list, turbine has done a great job with lotro. And even with all the new mmo out there, non have the overall package of more, gameplay and funds for that lotro has. Not to mention all the varieties of pie

What other game has such an awesome /toast, yes, a hobbits too!

Happy birthday LOTRO!

Literary novels are like a grain of sand in the desert, fantasy ones are almost as numerous as those. Epic stories, which combine passion, character development, world development, lenguages, backstories, myths... those are few, but none as big, as vast and as deep as Lord of the Rings.

Five years ago we were given the chance to be part of this epic, to meet up and team up with those character we were so dear about, to finally be part of Middle-Earth's effort to confront Sauron and rid the world, OUR world, from evil once and far all.

Why do I love Lord of the Rings Online? Because I'm stop just reading, I stop just imagining, I am now part of one of the most epic adventures that one could possibly dream of. For that and more, we are all grateful and congratulate LOTRO in it's 5th anniversary!

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