MWO Beta Key Giveaway

Updated Tue, Sep 25, 2012 by Ethec

Ten Ton Hammer's reactor is online and we're headed to the Inner Sphere. Squad up and come join us with our latest CBK offering: MechWarrior Online Closed Beta Key giveaway.

So that we have enough keys to go around, please note that you must be a registered member of Ten Ton Hammer and logged in to participate. If you haven't already, it's free and easy to register at Ten Ton Hammer.

Always loved the MechWarrior series, thanks!

MechWarrior has always been fun!^^

MechWarrior is amazing

Your link constantly says that I am not logged in.

Same thing keeps happening to me

Me to

same error, then when you log in, gives another error

Same error, says Im not logged in.

error,does not give the keys. lies

Same error, says Im not logged in.
Same error, says Im not logged in.
Same error, says Im not logged in.
error,does not give the keys. lies

Same error. Dont bother

We get stuck cookies with Firefox users in particular during high volume giveaways sometimes. You can clear cookies manually and you should be fine, but the faster path for most users is to simply try a different browser.

Almost 2500 keys have been handed out at the time of this message, so keys are getting through. Still, we apologize for the difficulty some of you are experiencing.

If you have any Beta-keys for MWOnline, I would love to have one. Thanks

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The solutions offered by soft launches rarely outweigh the problems they create.
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