Star Trek Online Medical Uniform Item Code Giveaway

Posted Tue, Nov 20, 2012 by Shayalyn

Star Trek Online kicked off its most recent content update, Season 7: New Romulus, last week. Will the Romulans and Remans be able to reconstruct what Spock has torn asunder? You'll have to play to discover where the story leads. To help you explore in style, Ten Ton Hammer and Perfect World Entertainment have teamed up to bring you a shiny new medical uniform.

Whether you're a returning player or exploring the final frontier for the first time, claim your key and log into Star Trek Online to try on your new uniform!

When we be able to claim Star Trek Online uniform keys as for now there isnt any on giveaway page :)

Nothing there..

yeah just checked and still nothing - ill keep checking ,and thanks TEN T0NHAMMER for the goodies

Apologies! Our giveaway module's being a bit uncooperative. Our tech team is looking into the issue. Thanks for your patience!

The giveaway should be available now, folks. Thanks for sticking with us!

Seems extremely buggy still
I am logged in to the top of the page it says my username to confirm i am logged in, then i click on the link and suddenly i am not logged in?

Tried it 7 different times and changed some settings in the web browser cookie and page permissions still mucking around.
21 nov 2012 @ 01:33 gmt

Sorry for the problems, bugbearuk. If you continue to have issues, please contact support[AT]

Still unable to get a code. Have joined and followed all your instructions but keep logging in, going to page, asking for key/code to then get an error message stating there's a problem and I'm not logged in. Any other ideas?

Found the solution to everyone having issues: The giveaway is only accessible with internet explorer. If you use any other browser, it will crap out on you.

I even tired IE didn't work for me then because when i went to enter the key on the PW site said invaded

Yep, IE worked for me, cheers.

Yeah. IE worked for me too. Thanks.


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