TERA "Kick the Gold Sellers" Chronoscroll Giveaway

Updated Thu, Jun 28, 2012 by Anonymous

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Ten Ton Hammer is teaming up with TERA Online to give gold sellers a swift kick in the nads! Enter below for your chance to win one of five chronoscrolls, a new item in TERA specifically designed to thwart gold selling and real money trading. (Check out the official TERA site for more info on how chronoscrolls work.

Give us your email address, or follow our social media pages for extra chances to win. We'll email our five random winners, so be sure to add to your email client's list of safe domains.

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I would love to have this chronoscroll to keep playing!

I would love one of these!

Here here!

Give me some time to keep on my grind.

Woot! I hope this kills the gold selling business!

Mr.Plow 60 berserker here would love a chronoscroll to keep plowing through content in this awesome game.

A legitimate way to combat gold spammers. :D

Would love more time to explore and dominate on the PvP Field

Can I have one :)

A very nice way to fight the good fight vs RMT.

I love to have extra month in tera =p

Gotta love this a nd the fight against Gold Spammers!!

Getting more time to do t13 runs with scrolls would be nice.

So am I the only person to see the problem here?
The goldsellers will drop their prices so that the price of the chronoscroll < buying game time normally. THIS WILL ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO BUY GOLD.
This also assumes people have the methods to accumulate lots of gold. If you rely on this method of payment, and can't grind enough for the scroll, you still have to go back to spending real money.

This is if anything another chance for the goldsellers to get more customers, not a method of combating them.

idiot, they have to buy the chronoscroll first in order to sell it in game. You mean to tell me gold spammers are gonna spend $15 a pop for scrolls. Like En Masse is so stupid no to research this issue before hand. This company is a hundred minds strong, you're just a little pee-on in the forums.

I really want that chrono scroll!s

Hopefully this'll work.

Free time go go!

Here's my email, thanks for da giveaway :>

This seems more to me like a way for tera to make money under the disguise of something to combat gold sellers.

Bla bla bla.

good chance, throw some biscuits this way plz

good chance, throw some biscuits this way plz

I think the chronoscrolls are a great idea and would love to have one.

awesome!! thank you. grats to the winners!!!


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