TERA Pre-order Giveaway

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TERA Pre-order Giveaway

TERA, the action MMOG from Blue Hole Studios and En Masse, will launch on May 1, 2012 and introduce gamers to a whole new style of MMO combat. Ten Ton Hammer is bringing you a chance to win a free digital copy of TERA, which includes access to closed beta and head start play, and all you have to do is "Like" us! If you're not already eagerly awaiting this game, check out our hands-on first look at TERA to learn more, then enter below.

Here's what you need to do for a chance to win...

  • Use the "Login with Facebook" option below to "Like" Ten Ton Hammer's Facebook page.
  • Liking our page will open up optional steps to earn you a couple more entries. Complete them if you're a fan of better odds.

Our winner will be notified by email on Thursday, February 23rd, just in time for TERA's next closed beta weekend! If you logged in with Facebook to enter, we'll be contacting you via your registered Facebook email address. Be sure to add to your email client's list of "safe" domain names so your notice doesn't land in your spam folder!

Good luck!

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Good look to everyone!

That is uber, thanks for the contest!

so yeah there're still people with no facebook account.... like me...

good look to all those fools who have one....

damn i want in :)

You can still enter with one entry, we just don't get multiple entries for "liking" them on FB.

Please let me win.

Can't find the log in with facebook, but i liked it manually on facebook.

I want this game pleaseee, taht i can't afford it, to expensive for my wallet :S

This is a great contest (Hope this is a Digital Deluxe edition!), but I have to ask, as a longterm reader and Premium member, that TenTonHammer not follow the irritating-though-now-popular protocol of requiring a Facebook or Twitter account to enter a contest, participate in feedback, play a game etc...

Over the past few years, I've seen the change from "Please enter your email address" to "Sign in an like us on Facebook, Google+ etc...", in what I assume has to do with marketing dollars. After all, email addresses can be "spam boxes" with fake names, but using your "real" Facebook account (which is often necessary for contests which link entries to number of friends somehow) means much more to advertisers. Unfortunately, its a HUGE hit against privacy.

Social networks, especially Facebook, have been implicated in many privacy violations and instances of encouraging users to share everything about their real life so the data can be mined, cataloged, and sold to everyone from "targeted advertisers" to insurance companies and governments! Those of us who attempt to completely separate our real-life identity from our many online pseudonyms are increasingly finding content segregated behind social-networking walls and other proprietary lockdowns; this has become worrysome and annoying.

I urge TenTonHammer to, just as they've always resisting being controlled by corporate megasites or running powerleveling/goldselling banners despite their profitability, please avoid requiring Facebook, Google+ or any other social networks. I'm not saying they shouldn't be optional, but I urge that anonymous methodology such as email also exist without penalty. I am aware that some may say "But if you win something physical, won't you need to provide a shipping address and name?". THat is true, but I am protected by my trust in TenTonHammer's privacy policy which has always said that such information would be given in confidence it wouldn't be kept to be correlated with my browsing history or sold to anyone else. With Facebook, I don't have that assurance - quite the opposite, actually.

Edit - Rereading, I realize I cut off the middle paragraph in editing. I'll summarize quickly - while I realize that this contest allows email log-in and I am happy for that, to be best of my knowledge Facebook/social network stuff is required for additional chances, so I am just worried that, like HBO's Game of Thrones contest (wrote a lot of detail about that one), TTH could be going towards requiring Facebook in the future, or it being the "only real chance" to win. Thanks again - I know that the staff here is very aware of user experience, so I just wanted to comment "early" in the game.

I agree with Ellipsys as a long time Premium member I DO NOT like the feeling of being forced onto Facebook or Twitter in order to enjoy Premium benefits. I understand that in using Facebook and Twitter you are reaching out to a larger audience but PLEASE do not make them a requirement for contests etc. but an option. Especially for your paying members! Oh fyi I have always 'liked' TTH on Facebook and as far as Twitter..well I don't really get how to use it so I am out that entry and as a premium member that is just not right :(

Thank you, Ellipsys, for laying out the matter so succinctly. This "trend" is a problem, as it is indoctrinating us into believing that the protection of anonymity is a bad thing and anti-social.

I signed up for gaming "social networks" a long time ago and haven't been displeased with the people I've found there, in general. However, I will not tie any personal information about myself to a video game or any web site connected with it for any reason. Perhaps I need a new hobby.

Wherever Facebook is required, I am the first to close my door and take my dollars elsewhere, such as to single player games that can be played without an internet connection. That's another, related matter which is driving honest consumers to the piracy sites far more than any form of copy protection has before.

Is this really the new spirit of gaming? Give us your papers and we'll process you? Forget it.

In order for me to put this into perspective for you all, you'll need to understand two things:

  1. We only rarely add a social media component to any of our contests. It certainly isn't a new direction or the norm for us. I believe this is our second contest ever to use it.
  2. Our use of social media is not as a means to collect personal information but to reach out to the gaming community and draw traffic.

We appreciate the support of our premium members, and we offer an advertising- and gold-ad-free experience as a thank you for that support. However, as much as we wish it did, our sales of premium memberships don't pay this network's bills--advertising does. And in order to secure advertising contracts any website needs traffic and lots of it. The viral nature of social media drives traffic, but you have to have critical mass (which is to say, lots of fans/followers) for it to be effective. In order to get fans/followers, you need to give them some incentive. Enter a social media-oriented giveaway like this one.

So, social media for us isn't about processing anyone's information or making you jump through hoops, it's about outreach. Sure, we get metrics (we can see how many fans we have in North America versus Europe, for instance), but they're collective and not personal, and they help us target our audience.

The bottom line is this: we want to keep you informed and let you know when we've published content you'll be interested in. Social media is a great way to to do that. If you don't like to use it, we'll surely have future giveaways that don't require any social media interaction. It just happens that this one does.


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