Warframe Closed Beta Giveaway

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Warframe closed beta giveaway

Warframe is an upcoming cooperative free-to-play online sci-fi action game from Digital Extremes. Unlike most online shooters that focus wholly on a variety of PvP game modes, Warframe takes an altogether different approach by focusing gameplay on a progressive PvE experience.

Ten Ton Hammer has your key to unlock the evolving sci-fi world of Warframe. Get your beta key to be one of the first to experience all this cool new title has to offer. Then, once you're in, let our Intro Guide to Warframe get you on your way.

Have tried it and found that this game is blatant Pay-2-Win!

The pro level weapons, warframe unlocks and special items which can only be bought with platinum, the real cash currency, totally wreaks of Pay-2-Win, which will totally destroy any PvP game play, this game may introduce in future.

Along with the very linear game play, in which you have to progress from planet to planet in a fixed path, means this game will get either boring, or very, very expensive, extremely quickly.

Avoid this game and play FireFall instead!

Do not listen to the above Poster while some items are only purchasable through platinum (Shop Currency) and its only 3-4 items everything else can be purchased with earned in game currency. Certain warframes are purchased with real money and the rest there are about 6-7 total and 2-3 are purchasable with cash only.

The game can get a bit repetitive but I found myself definitely enjoying the action and the game is optimized very very well.

Overall its a neat little gem but wont appeal to everyone.

If i had to describe it it would be Mass effect 2 ish in a light term but the feel is there.

yeah, it should account for the upcoming game in 2013, players have more options to make in this year


Warframe’s latest update brings the Valkyr warframe, new bosses, and kicks off The Hunt for Alad V event.

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