Warrior Epic Beta Giveaway

Updated Tue, May 19, 2009 by Ralsu

This giveaway has ended. Look for new ways to win fabulous prizes from Ten Ton Hammer soon!

Be ready for dungeon crawling action.

Ten Ton Hammer has teamed with True Games Interactive to bring readers the Warrior Epic Closed Beta Giveaway. 500 Ten Ton Hammer readers will be added to the Warrior Epic closed beta on a first come, first served basis. Premium Members get 48 hours head start!

Anyone is eligible to enter this contest. Enter between May 9 and May 19, 2009.

Premium Advantage
Current Ten Ton Hammer Premium Members in good standing will receive 48 hours head start.

All other readers may enter starting May 11, 2009. Want to get that head start? Consider becoming a Premium Member. In addition, you'll get exclusive content, extra forum options, access to the private Voon chat room, and the chance to support a gold-free network.


Each winner will receive... beta access to Warrior Epic.

Warrior Epic Beta Giveaway prizes are courtesy of Ten Ton Hammer and True Games Interactive.
  • As per our privacy policy, we'll only use your email address for contest purposes.
  • Open to anyone. Enter between May 9 and May 19, 2009.
  • For complete contest rules, click here.


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