WildStar Beta Key Giveaway

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WildStar Beta Key Giveaway

Our friends over at Carbine Studios will be hosting a Beta Weekend beginning this Friday and running through Sunday for their hotly anticipated MMO, WildStar. If you've been itching to dive into the game and see what all the buzz is about, now's your chance, as we've got a fresh batch of beta keys to help get you started.

The Beta Weekend begins this Friday at 7:00 AM PST, and runs through Sunday at 11:59 PM PST. Keys can be redeemed now through Thursday (full redemption details can be found on the official giveaway page, linked below), but those of you claiming keys will want to begin downloading the game client early to insure you'll be patched up and ready to go for the start of the event on Friday morning.

Keys are available to registered users, and are limited to one key per user. If you haven't registered yet, you can do so here. For registered users, hit the shiny link below to visit our official giveaway page and claim your key!

Please note: If you're unable to view the giveaway page linked below, make sure you're logged by hitting the Login link at the top right corner of the giveaway site.

UPDATE: Unfortunately all beta keys have been claimed!

Page keeps coming up saying that the giveaway isn't published yet?

Im getting the same.

We're terribly sorry but it this Giveaway can not be found, or is not yet publshed. Sad Panda :(

Make sure you're logged into the site to view the giveaway page. The login link can be found in the upper right corner of the giveaways site (you can register from there if needed as well).

Once you're logged in, you should be able to view the giveaway.

It's not loading and says all keys have been given away. Is this different from the 40K keys?

You have to Log In again on the page it loads up.

I'm now getting "We're sorry but you do not have permission to sign up for this giveaway." instead of the message h4cky was getting.

Do you people actually read the article? Log In again on the page it loads when you click Wildstar Beta Giveaway

Considering these keys are often very limited reading isn't a luxury you can afford ;)

had the same problem, try logging in on the page

BEDL4M's right, you've gotta log in on the giveaway page too.

That's correct -- you need to make sure you're logged in on the giveaways site, and then the page should appear.

Yup LOG IN on the page that is opened when you click the link, then it works.

It says that i don't have the permission, but i'm logged in.

If you're logged in but still getting permission errors, it might be a browser caching issue. Doing a hard refresh (Shift + Reload) of the page should clear your browser cache, and let you view the page.

Yeaaaaaaa Guys!!!!! Thank You so much!!! Finally can play some HARDCORE WILDSTAR!!!! <33 Stalker Be ready!!!

Awesome - have fun this weekend!

bah :( "We're sorry but you do not have permission to sign up for this giveaway."
I am logged in and I've tried on three different browsers and I'm still getting this message.

You'll want to make sure you're logged in on the giveaways site to view the page linked above. If you're logged in, sometimes a hard browser refresh (Shift + Refresh) can help clear your browser cache in case that's what's causing the permission denied messages to appear.

If those things aren't working for you, let me know here or via email ( reuben [at] tentonhammer [dot] com ) and I'll make sure you're able to claim a key for this weekend.

When you click on the Giveaway Link you have to Login again at the Top of the page, then it will work. This is also written in the article!

Ty sooooo much for this !
Cy all in Wildstar !!


No more Keys left ;(

No more keys, that went fast. :(

Man, no more keys left... :(

I signed up, but the page didn't load because all of the wildstar traffic slammed TTH too hard, now when I go back it says: "You have already registered for this giveaway."

I've read on reddit that the keys are actually on the page, not sent in an email. How acn I retrieve my key?

Yep, I had luck and noticed the key on the buttom of the page, but a friend of mine did not notice, he thought he will receive an email.

I guess there will be quite some unused keys this weekend.

Message Sardu at reuben(at)tentonhammer(dot)com and mention the email registered with as well as the username for the website. He should be able to pull the information out of the system for you.

I had some errors when trying to create a new account.. I was redirected to a maintenance page. After a few tries I manage to create it but had the same error when trying to login. Then again the same error when trying to apply to the giveaway. Unfortunately the last one lasted until the giveaway was over.. You should take a look at all those problems and try to fix the website nex time ;)

Yeah any way to see the key from that page. My browser crashed so I assumed it would just come in the email, but never did. Tried to register again and it said I already had.

Let us know if you need help recovering your key. You can email me directly at: reuben[at]tentonhammer[dot]com , and let me know the email address you used to register for your key. From there I should be able to pull it up in our system for you.


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