World of Tanks New Player Tank Giveaway

If you've yet to try World of Tanks, the first and only MMOG dedicated to team-based armored warfare, Ten Ton Hammer has a perfect chance for you to command your own authentic tank and immerse yourself in the epic tank battles of World War II.

Claim your key and we'll get you behind the controls of your own M3 Stuart, the first US light tank that saw extensive service in WWII. The M3 Stuart has reasonable armor for its class and the upgraded 37mm guns are fast and accurate. Speed and stealth are the keys to survival for light tanks and the M3 excels in both. As a bonus, you'll also have a premium World of Tanks membership for one day and 300 gold.

Get your World of Tanks (North American and EU server) promotion key then follow the redemption instructions to create your account and claim your items!

SPECIAL NOTE: A hiccup with our previous giveaway caused keys to come back as invalid. If you had a problem with the code you received in our earlier giveaway, please have your key resent if necessary, then go to this special invite code page and press the "PLAY" button, then enter your key to create a new account and claim your new player items.

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