Gods & Heroes Eliminates Subscription Fees

Gods & Heroes strikes down subscriptions and opens the game to current players for free until the new model kicks in.

The subscription-based model hasnÂ’t worked out as Heatwave Interactive had hoped for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. Yesterday the developer announced that it will be trying its hand at the free-to-play model and has ended the gameÂ’s subscription fee and is giving current players full access to the gameÂ’s content until the new free-to-play model kicks in. Additionally, the full gameÂ’s price will be available next week at the reduced price of $9.99.

The Gods & Heroes team also promised that loyal fans would be acknowledged and rewarded with the gameÂ’s free-to-play re-launch.

To all our loyal players, we offer our sincere appreciation and assurance that your commitment and investment will be acknowledged and rewarded through Gods & HeroesÂ’ evolution and re-launch.

Source: Gods & Heroes website

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