The Power of Persuasion

By Dalmarus

style="font-style: italic;">March 28th, 2008

week we took a
look at a href="">"What
If?" scenario for Vanguard:
Saga of Heroes in which I asked if Vanguard received a new developer,
what would you have him work on?. This week's poll revolves around what
players are doing to spread the word about the game. If you
don't understand a term
or abbreviation I use here, please check our href="">Game
Terms 101.

Last week's poll got me thinking about what makes Vanguard: Saga of
Heroes my particular game of choice. Everyone that plays any game,
whether it be Vanguard or Solitaire, has their own reason for doing so.
The need to examine exactly why we choose to play a game isn't overly
important in the grand scheme of things to me. What I do want to know,
however, is...

Which aspect of Vanguard do you tout to convince people to
give the game a try?


The world of Telon is, to say the least, huge. As such, it
only makes sense there would be a number of races covering it. As a
matter of fact, that exact number happens to be 19. While some will say
that's too many, a lot of people enjoy a wide variety. Not only does
the appearance of each race make a difference to players, but each race
also has a different racial ability that can prove invaluable in a
tight spot.

Character Classes

With 15 classes to choose from, there's no shortage of variety for a
person to pick from when deciding what they would like to play. With
the release of the game, there may have been a worry that so many
classes meant there would really only be a few base classes with some
minor variations of each. Time has proved that assumption to be false
though. All of the classes each have a very unique feel to them, not
only in their strengths and weaknesses, but also in the tactics used to
play each effectively.


As has been noted in the past, the diplomacy sphere is a game aspect
only to be found within Vanguard. The sphere may have been lacking a
little love from the development team in the past, but the potential
for growth is unmatched. Diplomats are already able to provide various
buffs to the community from a chosen city, provide massive amounts of
lore throughout the game (including the Ancient Port Warehouse), and
even lower the cost of your final griffon from the new permanent flying
mount quests.


Crafting can be considered an entire game within itself in a number of
games, and Vanguard is no exception. What sets the crafting in Vanguard
apart from many of its competitors though is the depth of the system
itself. Having to be conscious of gear worn, stat distribution, action
points left, and more, makes crafting a very intensive (and at times
frustrating) endeavor. Mastery of this aspect of the game would bring
with it a special satisfaction to many.


"If you can see it, there is a way to get to it." How many times has
the community heard me say that over the last 9 months or
so? It makes it no less true though. No longer
are you being funneled from one area to another as you are in so many
other games today. The ability to travel
anywhere in such an expansive world is something to be noted. Keep your
eyes peeled, take the path less traveled,
and you may be amazed at the secrets you discover.


In one sense, combat within Vanguard is much like that of many other
games found in today's market. At the same time though, it's also very
different. The combat system is engaging and while you certainly have
the option to hit button A,  button B, rinse and repeat, not
only do you not have to play that way, it's also
not recommended.
Rescues, counter-spells, and more make the system in Vanguard an
enjoyable experience that keeps players coming back for more.


Per the normal routine, I'm including an option of "Other" this week as
well. If you make this choice, please take the time to tell us what
aspect of the game you talk about to convince people to give Vanguard a

Now it's your turn
to let us know what you think!

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Which aspect of Vanguard do you tout to convince people to give the
game a try?

  • Character Races
  • Character Classes
  • Diplomacy
  • Crafting
  • Exploration
  • Combat
  • Other
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(this poll is always open)

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