High Over the Sands of

SOE and Sigil today
released a new video that takes you on a fly-over across the continent
of Qalia. As loyal Vanguard followers know, Qalia has an Arabian Nights
theme, with Middle Eastern style architecture, burning deserts, lush
jungles, and more. Among the races of Qalia, you'll find the dark
elves, gnomes, and the Varathari barbarians. Qalia is also
home to the cat race, the kurashasa.  Check out the
latest video goodness for a preview of what you'll discover in Qalia.

Click below to download, then extract the .zip file.

  • href="http://www.kohnkecomm.com/dl/vanguard/qalia-flyover.zip">Qalia

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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