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 Infineum Immunity

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Quest Details

Minimum Level: 21

Quest Givers:

  • Scholar Donovan

Completed By:

  • Scholar Donovan


  • Infineum Ring



CIS Quests


The Cloak

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    Samples of Ore for Donovan

The Ring

The Earring

The First Weapon

The Armor Set

The Legendary Weapon

  • Coming

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At level 21,
you'll be able to get the next quest in the CIS series: Infineum
Immunity.  This quest will ultimately result in your infineum

First things first; head back to Scholar Donovan and hail him.
 He'll have more information about the infineum.
 He'll explain that the ore had trace amounts of power,
stemming from
"an ancient being" that was slain years ago.  Donovan thinks
that the
infineum formations in the mines are the crystalline manifestations of
the blood of that being, and that it would be very dangerous if that
were the case.  He'll then go on to tell you that the small
amount that you brought back was no severe threat, but long term
exposure could be fatal.  What he points out though, is that
the miners and the thralls have developed an immunity to it.

This all leads to his next quest: "Infineum Immunity".  He
wants you to head back into the mines and discover how the miners have
become immune to the infineum.  He thinks the information may
be found in an old book in the library.


At this point, you'll need to head over to the library, which is found
on a plateau just on the north-eastern part of the mines.  It
will be marked on your map, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.
 Proceed with caution though.  The area is filled
with infineum miners with an attitude who will attack you on sight.

style="width: 500px; height: 199px;" alt="Outside the Library"
title="Outside the Library"

href="http://media.tentonhammer.com/vanguard/gallery/albums/album64/libraryint.jpg"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 92px; float: left;"
alt="Inside the Library" title="Inside the Library"
hspace="10">Clear the area around the library of
baddies.  You'll need a bit of room because the library, too,
is filled with more baddies.  Once you're ready, open
the library doors and begin to pull the miners from there as well.
 There should only be about five or six of them in there, but
you'll want them all out for your party's safety.

href="http://media.tentonhammer.com/vanguard/gallery/albums/album64/book.jpg"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 115px; float: right;"
alt="The Table with the Book" title="The Table with the Book"
hspace="10">Once the library is cleared, head to
the back wall.  You'll find a small table there with
several books on it.  The book on the right corner is the book
that you want.  If you hover your mouse over it, you'll see
that it highlights with an exlamation.  Right click it and the
Book of Purification will spawn on the floor next to the table.

href="http://media.tentonhammer.com/vanguard/gallery/albums/album64/purification.jpg"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 94px; float: left;"
alt="The Book of Purification" title="The Book of Purification"
hspace="10">Right click on this book, and a
dialogue box will pop up.  It will be largely illegible, but
you'll get the gist of it.  It explains a ritual that sounds
pretty painful.  The ritual is called "The Ritual of
Purification" and although pretty brutal, it will render the subject
immune to infineum.  For some reason though, it can only be
performed in one specific area.  It does not explain why.

No matter; our work here is done.  This will bring up the next
subquest: "The Purification Ritual." (Aptly named) and we'll be able to
move on to the next part in the series.



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