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Those strong enough to take out the first two bosses inside of the Spider Wing shall find the very menacning Maexxna awaiting them. Maexxna, oddly enough, is the only true spider boss inside of the Spider Wing. Maexxna is one of the “easier” bosses in the sense that good gear and a few good players go along way in defeating this evil foe.


There isn’t very much to set-up for. Let’s start with the basics, form a tank group (with just one main-tank and a Hunter for Nature Resistance aura) then make your normal DPS/healing groups. You can spread around everyone else however you like, there isn’t anything really special group wise. You may want to spread up the healers for the random AoE damage. You really need to keep the raid “topped” off.

You’ll want a Flask of the Titans along with any other consumables for your main-tank. He needs to be buffed up as much as possible since he’ll have to live through an eight second window without healing. Those of you rich enough to afford a few Flasks of Petrifactions may find that they are raid savers, but highly expensive. Any DPS consumables that are available should be used by the raid to increase your damage.

Figure out which healers have the most + healing. These will be the ones who put a Heal over Time on the Main Tank before Web Spray is used. They should be ready to cast their respective HoT’s right before Web Spray goes off. A Lay on Hands rotation for Paladins may also be desired for your best attempts.


Necrotic Poison: Reduces healing taken by 90% for 30 seconds. IMPORTANT: Get rid of this ASAP!

Poison Shock: Does 1700-2200ish damage in a frontal cone. The damage is Nature and can easily be avoided by having the raid stand behind Maexxna.

Web Spray: Every 40 seconds this skill is used. It stuns everyone for 8 seconds and deals 1700-2200ish damage. The damage itself isn’t a problem as much as the 8 second stun that goes on everyone, including the main-tank.

Web Wrap:  This is casted at 20 seconds into the fight and then every forty seconds afterwards. This skill picks three players (that aren’t the main-tank) and attaches them to the wall. The web must be destroyed before the players are killed.

Enrage: What boss doesn’t have this? At 30% Maexxna enrages and does a ton more damage. Best to let Maexxna fall below 30% after Web Spray happens.

Magical Bug Spawn: No official name for it, but after 30 seconds (then every 40 seconds afterwards) some low damage/hp bugs spawn. These need to be dealt with through AoE.


There are three phases to this battle that repeat. This is an endurance match. You need to clear each phase before the next one starts or else you’ll start wearing down your raid. When people start dieing then it gets harder and harder to keep up. Eventually your raid will wear out. So you need to be able to deal with each phase in a quick manner.

When the fight starts you’re going to want your main-tank putting Maexxna in the middle of the room facing away from the raid. The raid should all bunch up together BEHIND Maexxna. This will prevent the random AoE damage abilities that only affect characters infront of Maexxna. Whenever spiders spawn (on their set timer) have your raid ready to bunch up as much as possible to AoE them down.

Be sure that the main-tank is cured of poison at all times. Abolish Poison works the best, but any kind of cleanse will work. You need to make sure that no poison is on him at anytime. This is very important!

The rest of the fight is just countering each of the three phases and doing as much possible DPS in the mean time.

Phase 1 – 20 Seconds since Phase 3

Web Wrap will hit three people (three people other then the main-tank). Have your Hunters kill the webs around them and continue doing DPS on Maexxna. You may want more ranged characters on web killing duty if your Hunters can not do it fast enough. After Maexxna enrages it may be best to forget about those webbed and concentrate on burning Maexxna down.

Stage 2 – 30 Seconds since Phase 3

A decent group (8-10) of spiders will spawn. They are very weak (in both damage and HP) but should not be allowed to live! Draw the spiders into the raid (Hunters can do this well enough) and AoE them down as fast as possible! You have ten seconds to take them out, otherwise they may kill a few people during Phase 3.

Phase 3 – 40 Seconds since the last Phase 3

Everyone is hit for about 2000 damage and stunned for eight seconds. If the main-tank has a flask up and is using some other defensive ability (such as Shield Wall) then it’s only a matter of waiting it out. The Main-Tank should have both Renew and Regrowth on him along with anything else you can throw at him. He must survive for eight seconds so this is really the key part to the fight.

From here, Phase 1 will begin exactly twenty seconds after Web Spray was last casted. If your main-tank dies and Maexxna goes crazy on the raid then you will most likely need to call it. Good luck!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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