Build 1803a Patch Notes 4/10/2007 – TEST SERVER

Official Test Server Forums (courtesy of Vanguard Spheres):


- City Teleporters - Captain Jiral in Khal will now offer his
services to Diplomats and Crafters of the appropriate skill or level.

- Damage Shields are no longer subject to mitigation.

- NPCs above level 50 should now drop cash and coin loot.


- Druid, Necromancer and Psionicist damage over time spells have had
their damage increased.

- Blood Mage - damage over times spells have had their damage

- Blood Mage - AE spells have had their damage increased.

- Disciple - attack damage has been increased for all special attacks.

- Disciple - base attack damage has been slightly increased.

- Dread Knight – Increased the damage on Word of Doom.

- Dread Knight – Lowered the refresh of Word of Doom to 5 minutes, down
from 15 minutes

- Dread Knight – Increased the critical chance of Word of Doom

- Dread Knight – Increased damage on Cull

- Dread Knight – Removed stun requirement on Cull

- Dread Knight – Cull now has a 1.5 second cast time, up from Instant

- Dread Knight – Cull now has a 1.5 second cast time, up from Instant

- Dread Knight – Increased the energy cost of Cull

- Dread Knight – Increased damage of Bane

- Dread Knight – Vile Strike no longer requires Dreadful Countenance
level 3 to activate

- Dread Knight – Vile Strike now has an energy drain component.

- Dread Knight – Added the new counter attack ability line Retaliate to
all trainers

- Dread Knight - Anguish no longer requires Dreadful Countenance level
3 to activate

- Dread Knight – Increased the Hate addition on Incite.

- Dread Knight – Anguish now deals damage over time, returning that
health in energy to you.

- Druid – Fixed many display issues. Soothe and your DoTs should now
give the correct information in their tooltips.

- Druid – Earthen Brute’s are now less spammy when they spawn.

- Monk – Increased the effectiveness of Dragon Stance slightly and
added a visual indicator of the regeneration values.

- Monk – Storm Dragon Stance has been altered. It now increases
damage by a percentage, increases crit chance and adds a chance to proc
a large lightning based damage spell.

- Monk – Drunken Mastery Stance has been altered. It now increases
the hate generated by all attacks, grants a 10% decrease to refresh
timers for abilities that are executed while in the stance and it still
increases dodge chance by 5%.

- Monk – Harmonious Body Stance now adds Jin every 10 seconds, down
from 20.

- Paladin – Wrath of Vol Anari has been added to trainers starting at
level 26

- Rogue – Added the tactic Recognition skill back to your perception
and concealment skill pool.

- Shaman – Grasp of Goromund is now actually a conjuration spell. It
will no longer increase evocation.

- Sorcerer – Amplify Celerity now has a 5 minutes refresh timer.

- Warrior – Withdraw will now work on all opponents near your
defensive target. Each upgrade increases the amount of hate that is

- Warrior – The energy cost of Withdraw has been increased.


- Romandar Whitebeard now properly asks for five items, not eight,
for the Thestran apprentice outfitter quest. The quest objects were
already correct; this only fixes an inconsistency in his dialogue.

- Goshi Masape should be less of a chatterbox.

- All striking procs should no longer break stealth

- An error with players not receiving experience for the Blacksmith
Thestran Initiate quest has been fixed.

- High level harvesting bags, saddlebags, and harvesting clothes
recipes are now available on Kojan trainers.

- The diplomacy recipe “Orange Skirt” now has the proper grade A

- The practice caravel deck recipe will now consume the correct amount
of resources.

- Corrected an issue with the Kojani vielthread window coverings

- Updated the text display of several crafting dusts, powders, shards,
and crystals.

- Fixed bows and crossbows that had the wrong ability attached to them.

- Fixed many Journeyman Blacksmith work order recipes that were failing
to complete.


- The Leth Nurae Arcanists in Southwatch have been moved so that
players will not aggro mobs from the wall as they parley with them.

- Conflicts regarding the location of the gnomish emissaries in “New
Partnerships” have been cleared.

- Jasmine now directs you more clearly in the quest “Dreamspeaker.”

- The varanthari diplomacy newbie quest “Deduction” now correctly
requires you to have completed “Legends of the Raiders” and be on the
quest “Love Letters Lost.”

- The Tanvu quest “Learn Rebuttal” is now an Interview – allowing you
to actually practice using your new Rebuttal.

- You now get the title “Juritor” when you complete the Tanvu quest
“Unworthy and Unwise.” Those who have completed the quest previously
and did not receive this title can speak with Ji Ki the Teacher, in
front of the Emperor’s home.

- The post-title “Clerk of the Empire” has been changed to a
pre-title of “Clerk” for those who have begun the half-elf/kojani human
newbie diplomacy quests.

- You now get a title when you complete the Lomshir varanthari
diplomacy newbie line. If you have previously completed this quest
line, speak with Qarouk Telourshed and he will grant this title.

- The following titles have been changed: “Clerk of Red Silk” is
now “of Red Silk”, “Juritor of Copper Cups” is now “of Copper Cups”,
“Juritor of Paper Prayers” is now “of Paper Prayers”, “Juritor of Silk
Wisdom” is now “of Silk Wisdom”, “Juritor of Dreaming Skies” is now “of
Dreaming Skies” and “Juritor of Harmonious Speech” is now “of
Harmonious Speech.” These titles can be used with “Clerk” and “Juritor”
to make the appropriate combinations.

- Renton Keep now has an expanded Civic Diplomacy radius –
allowing you to gain the effects of Civic buffs and move levers on the
NPCs outside the keep itself.

- Changed the Incite Domestic lever to be more difficult and provide a
more powerful buff in Renton Keep.

- Diplomacy NPC deck revamp begun throughout Telon. New decks
placed on many NPCs in New Targonor, Tursh, Tanvu, Ca’ail Brael, Tawar
Galan, Mekalia, Leth Nurae, Rindol Field, Lomshir, Hathor/Pankor Zhi,
Martok (goblins). This is an ongoing process – as we add a greater
variety of cards for players, we will convert a growing percentage of
existing NPCs to the new decks. All new Diplomacy NPCs will feature
these new decks. This is to disrupt gameplay as little as possible,
while providing expanded gameplay.


- Abammisi Lake – Has been fully repopulated and itemized. It is
intended for players levels 45-50.

- Gorgalok - The Gorgalok Champion event is now available more often.

- Gorgalok - Tishra the Bloodpriest will now reset after sitting unagro
for 15 minutes.

- Gulgrethor - Gulgrethor Soldier’s will now give the correct faction
change upon death.

- Khal - Guard Tarsa will now properly give directions when asked.

- Marsh of Peril – In the quest, “Recover our History,” the ‘stolen
ancient tomes’ are now ‘stolen elven tomes.’ They are still found
within piles of books in Thelaseen.

- NPCs - Respawn on the Stonesmashers has been adjusted to a more
manageable level.

- Pantheon of the Ancients – Select NPCs now detect invisibility as
well as improved stealth detection.

- Quests - The United Races of Thestra is recruiting adventurers
from levels15-20. Interested players should visit level appropriate
outposts throughout Thestra.

- Quests - The Lucent Circle is recruiting adventurers from levels
45-50. Interested players should visit their encampment in Tehatamani

- Quests – Task for Southwatch: Eradicate the Plague Vermin – Fixed a
bug where the quest could complete early.

- Quests – Ghosts Among Us – Fixed a bug where incorrect npc’s were
giving quest credit.

- Quests – Lower the Guard – Fixed a bug so all Heavy Guards will
advance the quest.

- Quests – Command of the Ogre King – Fixed a faction bug where Ogres
would attack you even though they should not.

- Quests - Lover’s Quarrel – Beldra Goldhammer will now behave
correctly upon spawn at Lookout Point.

- Rahz Inkur - Rahz Inkur region has received an additional content
pass. The Var Efreet of Afrit now have goods to trade in exchange for
objects of value to them.

- Tar Janashir - 5 more solo quests have been added to the Tar Janashir

- Tar Janashir - A solo event has been added to the Tar Janashir area.

- Tehatamani Harbor – Has been fully repopulated and itemized. It is
intended for players levels 45-50.

- Temple of Dailuk - Tablets of Awakening will now complete for all
players possessing the tablet shards when Nerhtisfer is awakened

- Temple of Dailuk - Stone Tablets should now be lootable by multiple

- Temple of Tehatamani - Has been fully repopulated and itemized. It is
intended for players levels 45-50.

- Vol Tuniel - Modified a number of the more powerful NPCs to no longer
flee at low life

- Vsurog Moor - Galsem the Velok Breeder in Vsurog Moor has been


- The Legendary weapons from Marsh of Peril have had effects added to

- Pantheon of the Ancients – 42 new items have found their way into
this dungeon, both for completing the final encounter as well as
sacrificing one’s Cloak of the Pantheon.

- Pantheon of the Ancients – Players sacrificing their Cloak of
the Pantheon in exchange for the Key of Eternal Flame will now be
rewarded with a Cache of Flame. The Cache of Flame, when opened, will
always provide a usable item to your particular class.

- The Righteous Gavel is no longer flagged as unique.

- Ancient Ksaravi Ulak is no longer flagged as unique.

- Youngsteele’s Ale is now flagged as a quest item.

~The Vanguard Team

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