A Solemn Request Quest Guide

By Ralsu

Continent: Qalia

Chunk: Skrilien Point

Location: Updside Defense Garrison

Starting NPC: Primalist Narahari Abdullah

Quest Level: 27

Lowest Level Known to Log Quest: 20

Group or Solo: Group

Getting There

To reach the Upside Defense Garrison, make your way east from Khal to
Qa Riverbank and then Mekalia. Next turn north and reach Tauthien
Delta. Make your way tot he sandy shores in the middle of the Tauthien
Delta chunk and then head east into Skrilien Point. The Upside Defense
Garrison is found nestled in the mountains a little less that halfway
across the chunk. You can find Primalist Narahari Abdullah
at the top of the scaffolding behind the central bunker.

The Quest

Abdullah asks to kill several of the denizens of the Ra'Hazi Jungle and collect their essences so that she may learn more of the secrets of the Skrilien
Lizardmen carried within the animals. You are to collect 7 each of the essences of Snappers, Tigers, Lions, Vipers, and Boars. Abdullah promises you 2s 40c and a pendant for your efforts.

The quest log
An essence

Completing the Quest

Travel east until the mountains bend south and turn with them. You will
see a fort-like wall with two camps of Skrilien Lizardmen out front. See my guide for Enter the Ra'Hazi for tips on getting past these mobs. Continue beyond their villages into the Strand of the Ancients chunk.


Once in the chunk, you will see the beach in front of you crawling with snappers. These mobs are level 24-26 2dots that are not aggro or social. Most players could solo these without much trouble. Be quick to use the phial given to you by Abdullah once a mob is slain, though. The essence disappears fast! Also, it seems that killing a second mob will cause its essence to replace the essence already floating around. Finally, only one person at a time may collect an essence, your group will need to kill 7 animals for each of its members.


Just west of the beach at the edge of the jungle, you will see some of the Ra'Hazi tigers (level 24-26 2dots). It does not matter whether you kill male or female, but pull them out onto the beach to prevent adds. All of the tigers are aggro, and they spawn close to an area with the lions, which are both aggro and social.

Ra'Hazi Tigress



The lions are the toughest of the animals because they travel in prides, usually a mother with two cubs. You'll occasionally catch a male, but they other lions are all so social that they end up joining in. The best adivce is to just kill the cubs (level 24-26 1dots) quickly to cut down on the total damage the party is taking. The cubs, while weaker, act as a pretty vicious DoT if they latch onto a squishy. Then you can deal with the adults (level 24-26 2dots).


The lions were dangerous because of how they swarm; the vipers are dangerous because of their location. They vipers live west of the lions, wedged between some lizardmen huts (level 25-27 3dot and 4dot mobs) and some ruins with ghosts (level 30 2dot mobs). Just try to remain vigilent about your surroundings when killing snakes.


Finally, head further west to the edge of the mountains to hunt the boars (level 25-27 2dot mobs). The boars roam around with the occasional viper. Both animals are aggro, so you might get an add. But it's nothing devastating. When you have collected the 7 essences from the boars, you are ready to go get your reward.


When you have collected all of the essences, return to Primalist Narahari Abdullah at the Upside Defense Garrison. She will give you the
coin promised earlier, some experience (about %5-7% of a level for a
level 23 character), and Narahari's Pendant. Completing this quest opens up the Word of Scale
quest from Abdullah.

Narahari's Pendant

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016