4.2 Gothic (Naxxramas)

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Gothik is yet another Necromancer within Naxxramas, although some may consider him more of an old school Death Knight. Anyway, his fight is similar to Noth the Plaguebringers in so much that tons of enemies spawn into the room and need to be taken care of.


Shadowbolt: Does 2,500ish damage on a single target, but he casts it very often.

Harvest Soul: This will decrease your stats by 10% and stacks, so he needs to be brought down fast.


This is an incredibly difficult encounter with a simple explanation. You basically split your raid up into two groups, one for the inner room and one for the outer room, and then kill Undead as they spawn. At about four and a half minutes into the fight Gothik will spawn and you can take him down.

Here is the info on the spawning undead. Basically you have Unrelenting Riders/Deathknights/Trainees that should be taken care of by magic users mostly. When you slay one then a spectral version of the mob will spawn in the outer room. These are easily shackled so you’ll probably want your Priests on the outside with the spectral enemies and your Paladins/Shamans/Druids on the inside with the Unrelenting enemies.

Anyway, just sit around killing as many enemies as you want ( take out Unrelenting Riders/Deathknights/Trainees in that order, switching the order up for the spectral side since you can shackle the harder ghosts) until four and a half minutes arrive. At that point use as much crowd control as possible and take Gothik out quick before his stacking debuff begins wiping the raid (he’s the easy part, interestingly enough).

When you’re done, you can continue on through the Deathknight Wing.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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