Mage Bugs & Issues

of May 25, 2007

Compiled by Velan

is one in a series of bug lists
the Class Specialists at Ten Ton Hammer will be compiling for review by
the SOE development team. We are inviting the developers to
respond to any bugs they feel are working as intended or to offer any
explanation of how a bug on this list might change in the future. Velan
compiled this list and sought input from other Blood Mages on the
Ten Ton
Hammer forums.

Editor's Note: In two weeks of
trying to collect data on BMG bugs, Velan got only one response from
the Ten Ton Hammer community. We do not know if this is a sign that
Velan nailed all the bugs in his initial list of if the Ten Ton Hammer
Community just doesn't care about the BMG class.


  • Metamorphasis heals the mob instead of defensive target.
  • Physical Transmutation drops player from FoG or SF stances.
  • If Blood Feast or Blood Pact is cast and the BMG dies, all party
    members need to click off BF before it will work again. (Currently
    fixed on test server)
  • The range for our lifetap spells only applies to distance from
    mob. The defensive target can be anywhere at any distance in the same
  • Cerebral Graft has a range of 5 instead of 25 like the rest.
  • DoT icons are still often disappearing and not showing up when
    switching targets.
  • Mortal Calling does not work in all dungeons.
  • The levitation from Hollow Symbiote stops working after Recalling
    or moving between chunks; however, the buff is retained.
  • Blood Feast will sometimes stop healing, requiring reapplication.
  • It seems that you can kill someone by using Blood Pact and Siphon
  • Grim Harvest tooltip does not state how much damage is done.
  • Some users report that Mental Transmutation IV and V give only
    100% of health lost to energy even though the tooltips say 110% and
    150%, respectively.
  • Stacking Problems:
    • Blood Feast does not stack for multiple Bloodmages. (Currently
      fixed on test server)
    • Exsanguinate overwrites Blood Letting Ritual.

Class Issues

  • Sheltering Rune is so specialized as to be useless
  • Physical Transmutation is pretty much useless. (being evaluated
    on test server)
  • Ritual of Gelenia needs to factor in buffs/armor into the heal %
  • Large useability spread in symbiotes: some (frenzied) are great,
    some are never used

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