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Dave "Hasium" Gilbertson, Director of Development for
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, answers questions for the Ten Ton Hammer

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Dave Gilbertson stopped by our community recently and spent some time
answering questions in our Ask the Devs forum. We've compiled the
community's questions and Gilbertson's answers here. Be sure to visit
the Ten Ton Hammer href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/forumdisplay.php?f=38">Vanguard
forum to weigh in on the discussions or ask questions of your

was wondering if anyone has any information, and possibly an ETA on
the classes that didn't make it into launch: the Berserker and
especially the Inquisitor. When will we see them in the game?
 - Ponza

: Don't expect them anytime soon. We are
focusing on getting the existing
classes solid and bug free before we start adding new classes.

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months ago we heard the fellowship program was there or would be
shortly and nothing has come out of that. Any reason its not working
four months later? Update please.  - BruteForce

: It's back on test as "Brotherhood" and,
assuming all the bugs are worked out, we hope to push it live in a
couple of weeks.

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there any possibility that mentoring (downwards only) will be added to
the game?  - Keli

: Yes. But I don't have a ETA on it yet. It's on
the list along with a host of other things.

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most guilds came here to raid, what is a tentative timetable [for raid
implementation]? The new "relaunch?"  -Coho

: We are working on it now, but it's still a
couple of months away from going live.

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appears that a few key "newbie friendly" elements are missing from
Vanguard at present. The help pop-ups are great,
but the [information on things like mounts, brokers,
mailboxes, missives and travel] seem to be missing. [snipped]
 - Eliab

: I agree. There are way too many things in
Vanguard that we make too
hard to figure out when there is no reason to. It's one of my pet
peeves. As soon as we get a better handle on performance and bugs, it
will be next on the list to address. The basic gameplay and mechanics
of an MMO shouldn't be a mystery to a new player. That's just a recipe
for frustration.

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recently started playing Vanguard on my friend's account, and
soon I'll be getting my own. There is just one problem...I don't want
to have
to start all over and what not because I like my Blood Mage, so I need
know if you can transfer from one account to another. If so, how much
will it cost?  - darkhan

style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(51, 51, 153);">Dave
Gilbertson: You can't right now, but you will be able to
in the near future. It's
something that has to be done for the server merges coming up. As far
as costs, I won't know until we actually get there.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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