Guide to Using Vanguard Ten Ton

By Ralsu

Sometimes it is tough to find the
information you need on Vanguard:
Saga of Heroes
. Chances are Ten Ton Hammer has whatever you
need. This guide will help you navigate our website to find the
information you want quickly. I'll make liberal use of pictures labeled
with numbers and talk you through each section. Page 1 discusses the style="font-weight: bold;">Top of the Page and the style="font-weight: bold;">Left Menu Bar.

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  • Top of the Page
    • href="">Boxes
    • href="">Headlines
  • Left Menu Bar
    • href="">Site
    • href="">Game
  • Right Menu Bar
    • href="">Newsletter
    • href="">Comic
    • href="">Past
    • href="">News
    • href="">Videos
  • Center--the Main Content
    • href="">Latest
      Forum Posts
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    • href="">Site
  1. href="">Guides
  2. href="">Articles
  3. href="">Features

Top of the Page

First off, it is important to note that you must navigate to this URL: href="">
Some people have complained to me that the stories on the Ten Ton
Hammer main page had nothing to do with style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard. Ten Ton Hammer is a
gaming network that covers MMOs. If you go to the network main page,
you might see stories about other games, but if you go to the URL I
just gave you, the content is ALL about style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard.

Now let's look at some of the pieces of the Top of the Page at href="">

Boxes style="font-weight: bold;">

One criticism I hear about our site is that it hard to tell what is
what at the top of the page. This section should clear up that
confusion for you.

href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 650px;">
1. URL:
Please note the URL is
If you only care about Vanguard
news, this is the link your want. The Ten Ton Hammer main page will
give you great content on dozens of MMOs, but the Vanguard Ten Ton
Hammer site only covers Vanguard.

2. Ads: You see two ads up
here, one rectangular and one square. We use these ads to pay the
salaries of the writers on the Ten Ton Hammer staff and to cover the
costs of hosting our content sites and attending conventions to get you
exclusives about upcoming games. When you are ready to sponsor the full
cost of our content site, we will gladly pull down the ads. Please href="mailto:[email protected]">email Boomjack to find out
how much you need to write the check for to remove the ads.

Some sites charge subscription fees to give you access to the best
content. We use the ads to keep the content free for everyone. We have
asked the Ten Ton Hammer community about adding a nominal subscription
fee to remove ads on a per-person basis, but I have not seen much
enthusiasm for it. In the meantime, we make sure none of our ads are
from secondary market companies (gold sellers and power leveling
companies). Most advertise other games. In fact, many publishers
purchase ad space from us to advertise MMOs. The picture above shows
two ads for EVE Online.

3. Quick Links: These links
help you get quick access to some of our most popular places. Don't
forget that these follow you from page to page!

4. Communities Bar: This
pull-down menu lets you hop quickly from one Ten Ton Hammer community
to the next. Read all of the latest Vanguard
headlines and then hop over to our World
of Warcraft
site! This bar follows you from page to page, so
it's always available.

5. Account Status: We used to
host our forums for each individual game on the corresponding content
site. You needed to log in at the content site to post in the forums.
It is now no longer necessary to log into the content site for our
readers. Our forums are now hosted in a single location so that you can
chat about all of your favorite MMOs in one spot!

6. RSS Feed: Subscribe to have
the latest headlines from Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer automatically
uploaded to your website or other locations.

7. Search Tool: You can use
tool to search for key terms or even all articles by a specific writer.
You can search just in the news or just in our content. This is surely
and under-utilized tool.

8. Hottest Content: This box
showcases our latest and greatest content from the week. Sometimes it
will have tabs and cycle through 2 or 3 stories. It is very much like
the flash content boxes you see on the home page at or
In the picture above, we highlighted only one article. This box is
updated weekly if not more often.


All of our news stories generate an automatic headline at the top of
the page, but there are some other things there to look at, too.

href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 650px;">

9. Content Boxes: Just like the
Hottest Content box mentioned above, these boxes are showcasing some of
our recent guides and articles. THEY ARE NOT ADVERTISEMENTS UNRELATED
TO VANGUARD. I have received
some correspondence from people who mistook these boxes to be ads. They
are guides and articles about Vanguard.
These are updated every week to two weeks.

10. Headlines and Categories:
Well, in case the giant word "HEADLINES" didn't give it away, these are
the news stories. We cover official releases from SOE, promote our
content, and reveal the latest news among the style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard community. If you click on
one of the categories (I have "Community" circled), you'll jump to a
page with all of our news stories under that category!

11. Archives: The headlines
section truncates at the latest dozen or so stories. Click on the
Archives button and you can read more headlines.

Left Menu Bar

This bar on the left side of every page at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer can
help you quickly return to the home page, go to the class pages, and

Site Reources

This menu gives you quick access to the home page, the forums and Dev
Tracker, the wiki, and much more. You'll notice the beginning of
another of those EVE Online
ads at the bottom of the picture here.

href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; height: 250px;">
12 Site
The links are pretty self-explanatory. This menu is
on the left side of every page at Vangaurd Ten Ton Hammer, so you can
always use it for quick access to the links it contains.

Game Information

This menu gives you quick access to sepcific content such as our class
guides and the information on races. And even though Diplomacy classes
aren't in the game yet, we keep the links handy for the information
given to us in development.

cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">
href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; height: 250px;"> src=""
style="border: 2px solid ;">

13. Game Information: Again,
the links here are pretty easy to understand. We keep them on the side
so that you can access them from any page on our content site.

To see the entire menu bar as a whole, href="">click

to Page 2

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016