Ten Ton Hammer Quest Guide

URT Hero Mission: Appeasing Tharridon

by Shayalyn

Quest Details

Minimum Level: 12

Quest Givers:

  • Legrok Blacksmelter
    Renton Keep
  • Garnith Aelowyn
    Veksal's Exchange
  • Elkisa Harok
    Kaon's Rush

Completed By:

  • Trisda Sentle
    Renton Keep

Additional Quest NPCs:

  • Foreman Urkrekk


  • Scale Boots of the United Races
  • Chain Boots of the United Races
  • Cloth Boots of the United Races
  • Plate Boots of the United Races


URT Quest Series

Renton Keep

Kaon's Rush


Shoreline Ruins

About the Quest

Several NPCs grant this quest depending on your location in Telon. All of them will lead you to Trisda Sentle, who is found standing in the village proper of Renton Keep. Trisda will send you on a four-part series of quests. Complete each of the steps to receive your reward.

Step One: Fulfilling Their Needs

It all begins with a quest to appease the giant, Tharridon the Mighty. Although you'll be gathering stuff for Tharridon, you won't actually be making any deliveries to him personally. Tharridon is a massive level 50 6-dot giant who could kill a solo adventurer with one swing of his hefty club. If you happen to see him wandering around Renton Keep, it's best to run away...fast.

"As you might have heard, the great giant Tharridon is the most powerful being around here," Trisda tells you. "With someone like him as an ally, the URT could do some amazing things!

Living Stoneflux"I have heard that Tharridon is amassing stone. Perhaps if we made a donation of stone he would be more amenable to an alliance. I have discovered the location, of several giant rock beings. You should gather only their most pristine pieces. Tharridon is a picky brute."

For this quest, you'll be following your waypoint to a gathering of Swirling Stoneflux and Living Stoneflux surrounding the nearby tower of Varlon Majar, the wizard, in Three Rivers. (Don't worry about Varlon; he's inside the tower and won't harm you. In fact, he and his minion both issue quests.) The Stonefluxes are level 14 and 15 2-dot mobs and should be easy for most adventurers to solo. They will aggro if within range, but don't appear to be highly social, so single pulls shouldn't be difficult. Slaughter the Stonefluxes until you've gathered 25 pristine stones.

Note: These stones are heavy and can encumber you, which will slow your movement speed, if you're not careful. Keep your packs light as you begin this mission.

Return the stones to Trisda for an award of a whopping 15 copper. She will then give you a shipment of stones to deliver. Set your waypoint (if it isn't set already) and off you go.

Step Two: Peaceful Offering

Trisda will give you more information as she sends you off to deliver your stone shipment:

"The Rekk are employed by Tharridon to gather stone. I have made arrangements with one of themTrisda Sentle to deliver the stone you have gathering. Urkrekk is his name. He is foreman of one of the salvager camps."

"You will find the salvager camps in Renton Keep. No doubt Urkrekk will be waiting just outside one of the camps. His people are distrustful of outsiders, but he is... pliable."

Riiiight. So you'll be on your way to ply ol' Urkrekk. Careful as you travel--the countryside is strewn with 3-dot ants and other dangers, plus a wandering 4-dot Rekk hobgoblin and his crew.

Step Three: Stop the Leak

When you talk to Urkrekk and deliver the stones, something will go horribly wrong. I won't spoil the fun here, but there's going to be a bit of mayhem, at which point Urkrekk will say:

"Ohh Trisda, my love! What you do!"

"You there, quick! Chase down survivors before get to rock-stone quarry! Head east. Follow road. You see them running fast!"

You will indeed see some Rekk Hobgoblin Survivors running. Chase after them and slaughter three. They're 1-dot mobs and easy enough to mow down. They may aggro you as a group, but you should be able to handle them. They're survivors, after all; how hard can they possibly hit?

After killing 3 survivors, return to Urkekk for a reward of 80 copper and the next part of the quest.

Step 4: The Leak that Became a Puddle

Whoops. In what will become a recurring theme for the United Races of Thestra, something's gotten messed up, and now some witnesses must die before word gets out. You guessed it--it's up to you to take care of this delicate little...problem.

Urkrekk is displeased:

"No. You not stop them all. I can hear quarry clamoring from here."

"My son comes from quarry. He says they have 15 witnesses that can identify you and me. All witnesses must be killed. Tharridon will destroy URT if he finds out."

"You go to the quarry. Kill all you see... all who have seen you."

And so, off to the Rekk Quarry you go. Slay 15 Rekk Hobgoblin Witnesses. They're no longer weak 1-dots, they're 2-dots and approximately level 15, and they're surrounded by friends who won't be terribly happy to see you. While I soloed this area with my cleric, it's fairly crowded and weaker classes who can't handle multiple mobs will likely want to bring along a friend or two.

Once the witnesses are out of the way, return to Urkrekk for a reward of 80 copper.

Back to Trisda

Now that you've cleaned up that little mess for the United Races, head on back to Trisda at Renton Keep for your reward. Although things didn't exactly go as planned, she'll be satisfied with the way you handled yourself and she'll give you 3 silver and your choice of the following:

Scale Boots of the United Races

Medium Armor
43 Armor Class
+4 Strength
+4 Dexterity
+43 Hit Points

Level: 18
Required Classes: Bard, Paladin, Cleric, Inquisitor, Monk, Ranger, Dread Knight, Rogue, Shaman, Disciple, Warrior
Merchant Value: 3 silver 20 copper

Chain Boots of the United Races

Medium Armor
43 Armor Class
+4 Intelligence
+4 Wisdom
+43 Energy

Level: 18
Required Classes: Bard, Paladin, Cleric, Inquisitor, Monk, Ranger, Dread Knight, Rogue, Shaman, Disciple, Warrior
Merchant Value: 3 silver 20 copper

Cloth Boots of the United Races

Light Armor
22 Armor Class
+ 8 Intelligence
+43 Energy

Level: 18
Required Classes: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Psionicist, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Sorcerer, Disciple, Blood Mage, Necromancer
Merchant Value: 3 silver 20 copper

Plate Boots of the United Races

Heavy Armor
103 Armor Class
+8 Constitution
+32 Hit Points

Level: 18
Required Classes: Paladin, Cleric, Dread Knight, Warrior
Merchant Value: 3 silver 20 copper






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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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