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Pantheon of the Ancients:
 Drape of the Silver-Tongued

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Quest Details

Minimum Level: 26

Quest Givers:

  • Avatar of Kaerellun

Completed By:

  • Avatar of Kaerellun


  • Drape of the Silver-Tongued



Pantheon Quests

Tyrashnira's Lair

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    of the Butcher
  • href="http://vanguard.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=700">Kreshnikara,
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  • href="http://vanguard.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=702">The
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  • href="http://vanguard.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=720">Recession
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    and Hidden Again

Corridor of the Pure

Completion Quests

style="font-weight: bold;">Disclaimer:
 As of July 25, 2007, the Pantheon of the Ancients quest
series is
bugged.   Sometimes the mobs won't spawn, or the quest won't
update, or other various bugs.  Some quests may be
but proceed at your own risk.

The Avatar of Kaerellun

Let's continue a
little differently for a change of pace.  Now that we've
completed the quests in the Lair of Tyrashnira, we can collect the
first part of our heroic Cloak of the Pantheon.  Although this
is more of a "quest completion" as opposed to a complete quest, it is
still worth mentioning.

First, you'll need to get up to the Avatar of Kaerellun.  This
is not necessarily an easy task.  Head over to the
Antechamber; the room with four exits.  From here, we'll want
to head down the center  hallway, directly across from the

This will take us to a fork in the halls, where we can go left or
right.  For the purpose of this guide, we'll want to go left,
onto the upper levels of the Lair of Tyrashnira.  

There are lots and lots of mobs here.  Invising is an option,
but some of these mobs will see your invis, particularly the champion
or guardian looking guys.  So bring your group, buff up and
start fighting.

A good strategy to start is by clearing the hall that forks from the
antechamber of all wandering mobs.  There should only be 2 or
3 sets of wanderers you can clear.  Pull them back into the
"safe" hall before the fork to fight one set at a time.  Rinse
and repeat for any additional set of wanderers that come by.

Once the wanderers are dispersed, head left to Tyrashnira's lair.
 There are two guards by the doorway you'll want to clear, and
a ton of wanderers.  So again, pull these back into the hall
until you feel you have a good safety area that is clear of mobs.

Head in, and turn right immediately.  You'll notice you are on
the catwalks above Tyrashnira's lair.  Wandering here are
again a few more sets of mobs, so be sure to proceed slowly and take
them all out.

As you head down the catwalk you'll eventually see a plateau in the
middle of the room with a very large avatar of Kaerellun standing
beside a red vortex of swirling magic.  This is the gal you'll
want to talk to for the quest for the first half of the cloak.
 Clear all mobs and approach her to hail her.

style="width: 500px; height: 539px;"
alt="The Avatar of Kaerellun" title="The Avatar of Kaerellun"

Drape of the

Kaerellun will now
give you the quest, "Drape of the Silver-Tongued."  If you've
done the six quests in Tyrashnira's Lair, Kaerellun will tell you that
she senses you have the marks of her kin upon you.  She is, of
course, referring to the marks on your brow that you gained upon
completion of the quests from the other avatars.  Accept the

Hail her again and she'll say that it would be unfair to pit you up
against the Avatars of the Sisters.  Whatever does she mean?
 Trust me on this; we'll find out soon enough... but not now.
 Hit the Continue button and she will offer you the Drape of
the Silver-Tongued.  She will also mention that it is only
half of the completed item, and is pretty useless on its own.
 She's not lieing.  But hey, at least we're half-way
done the Pantheon of the Ancients!


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