Tuesday Tip: Guide to Renting Flying Mounts

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"I want to try out one of the flying mounts, but I'm not sure how. Any


"After locating a Griffon, Wyvern, or Pegasus Master, pay
them 20 silver to rent a flying mount for 5 minutes."

After wasting the requisite 20 silver my first time for a 30
second flight though, let me see if I can save you some frustration and
explain things in more detail...

Flying Mounts

Currently, there are three types of flying mounts that can be rented in
the game. You can choose to fly a griffon, a wyvern, or a pegasus. All
three mounts have
the same stats for Stability. The griffon is the fastest in the air,
but the slowest on the ground. The wyvern falls in the middle in both
air speed and ground speed. Finally, the pegasus is the slowest in the
air, but the fastest on the ground. Why this is, I'm not sure, as I
have never personally rented a flying mount so I can go running around
Telon while land-bound. I imagine these stats may have been originally
in place in expectation of personal flying mounts, but we'll
see if that changes once they are in the game.

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Flying Mount Masters

The Griffon, Wyvern, and Pegasus Masters can be found near the href="">Riftway
Stones scattered
around Telon. All masters will rent one of their mounts to
anyone in the game, no matter what race you are, or what
faction groups you belong to. This makes things much easier when
traveling away from home, so worry not. The mount masters are
with one thing, and one thing only... your hard earned coin. As long as
you have 20 silver to give them, a mount will be yours. Simply
right-click on any mount master, and choose "Pay 20 silver to rent a
(Mount X).".

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5 Minute Timer

: style="font-style: italic;"> The moment you
pay your 20 silver, the five-minute timer for your mount starts
counting down.

If you waste 4 minutes getting your flying mount equipped,
summoned, and in the air (like I initially did), then you have just
bought a one-minute flight. While this isn't really a huge deal
when you're in your 30's, that's a lot of money to lose in your earlier
levels, so be sure you're ready to start before you give either master
any money.

Equipping A Flying Mount

"Ok then. I've paid my money and I see my mount icon (griffon - style="width: 38px; height: 38px;" alt="griffon_icon"
wyvern - alt="wyvern_icon"
or pegasus -  alt="pegasus_icon"
) in my inventory, so
now what do I do?" I'm glad you asked!

It actually works the same way
as equipping your horse, except you'll use the bottom most slot on your
horse screen. This is where flying mounts you've rented are put, and I
think it's safe to assume that this same slot that will be used once
permanent flying mounts make it into the game. Once you have your mount
equipped, right-click on the icon to summon it, just as you would for
your horse. This is assuming you haven't moved the icon to a hotbar
(which you can do), in which case you would simply left-click on it
like any other ability..

Take-Off and Flight Controls

Your beast of choice has appeared under you and you're
itching to get
flying, so let me give you the last steps here.

While running forward (you have to be moving to take-off), double tap
your space bar, just as you would your mouse key. A single tap will
make you jump, while the double tap will launch you into the air. To
gain some altitude, use your camera controls to point yourself towards
the sky. The opposite is true if you want to fly closer to the ground.
It's as easy as that.

When Your Mount Goes "Poof!"

It's entirely possible you won't be paying attention to
the five-minute timer counting down in your effects bar while you're
in the beauty of the sprawling landscapes of Telon.
If this happens and you suddenly find yourself with no mount under you
while you're at 15,000 feet, don't panic!

When your mount disappears,
you will get an icon ( alt="parachute_icon"
indicating you now have a parachute, invisible though it may be
(parachute? Yes - you're not an Airborne Ranger, it's just what the
effect is labeled as). This
effect has a five-minute timer as well, and is plenty of time to get
safely back to the ground. A bit of warning though... tree heights are
a bit deceptive from above, so rather than right-clicking the icon to
get rid of the effect early, just wait until you're actually on the
ground. This will avoid needless time spent cursing at your screen
while you run to your tombstone. Trust me, it's easier this way.

There you go folks! I hope this all helps you avoid some frustration
when learning how things work while exploring the world of

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016