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August 23rd, 2007

Weekly Hot

Collected by Dalmarus

It's time to start the Weekly Hot Topics featuring both the href="">TTH
Vanguard forums
and the  href="">official
Vanguard forums. Some people may have more important things
to do than pour over our forums on a regular basis, and for those
individuals I have but one thing to say... "Blasphemy!" Ok, not
really, but it sounded good.

The truth of the matter is that while
there is a lot of good information to be found on both forums,
sometimes you just don't have the time to go through all of the
available threads to
find the really juicy bits. That's where I come in! If you've found a
thread you'd like to see featured, href="mailto:[email protected]">send it off
(with a subject of "Weekly Hot Topics"). Or if style="font-weight: bold;">you want to be
featured, start an engaging thread on href="">our
forums here.

TTH Vanguard Forums

coming back? - By Wilfred

Although this thread was originally started back in July, it has seen a
revival in interest since the release of GU#2. There are a number of
people that have been waiting for some interesting changes to take
place before coming back, and they want to know if the time is right.
What do you think? Should they come back now, or at least wait until
the server mergers are completed? Hop in there and help your fellow
players out!

i came back :) - By Salokin

Moving right along with the theme of whether it's a good time to come
back, I found this little gem from Salokin. As many others have done,
he left Vanguard sometime ago in a bit of a huff and was recently
convinced to come back and give it a go again. By the title alone, I
think you can guess what his reaction was, but take a gander at the
whole thread and you may see a bit of a pattern emerging. Good things
seem to be on the horizon!

gear and lack of action - by Warakus

This seems a bit of an odd one to add in here, especially considering
the fact that I finally locked the thread down earlier this week, but
despite that fact, it actually really does have some very genuine
concerns. Part of the debate is a bit moot since the initial issue has
been resolved, but it's the after effects to the game in general that
bear some current thought. Did Sony do the right thing? If not, how
should they have handled it? There are legitimate arguments for both
sides, so it's an interesting look.

Brad would design a new game - By Yewsef

Does the name of a person associated with a game really make a big
difference to you as a consumer whether or not you'll have any interest
in it? What if things with said game went horribly wrong? Do you blame
the person that had a hand in the original ideas, or the people they
had working with them? Just because a person may have made some unwise
decisions in running a business, does that invalidate their creativity?
Take a look in this thread and decide for yourself.

style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(47, 47, 239); text-decoration: underline;">Conducting
a longitutional study on all 4 casters. - By Jhorry


Jhorry has taken the task of determining how all the arcane casters
within the game compare to each other in terms of spell abilities,
general game play, and more upon his shoulders. He is currently working
on getting all four casters to level 12, and has already discovered
some interesting facts and theories surrounding each. If you've got a
yearning to see how the casters match up with each other, these threads
are for you. Since there's one for each caster, they're listed as such

Official Vanguard Forums

href=""> class="maintitle">Thanks to the GM Team - By Theoequis

With all the complaints everyone hears everyday about customer service
of all types, whether it's in a game, a restaurant, a retail store,
it's easy to forget that there are people that really do go that extra
mile for a customer. What makes this type of thread even more rare is
it's on the official boards... shocking!

href=""> class="maintitle">Any Artists out there want to craft me a
signature? - By Ellyra

While not a topic of epic proportions debating the good and evil of
various game aspects, I do think this post bears some looking upon. How
many of you creative types out there want to take a crack at giving our
new Community Representative a new signature for the official forums?
Come on... I know you're tempted, so get over there and give it a whirl!

href=""> class="maintitle">So what's the official stance on contested
mobs / camps? - By Balouch

Despite the fact that this particular thread was one of the more
interesting Flamefests to go trudging through, the topic is a very
legitimate one. In a game without instancing, just how far will you go
to get that contested mob you've been needing to finish off a quest?
Would you go so far as to KS it, train another group? Perhaps the early
traditions of games like EQ will win out, and general camping rules
will be brought back into fashion? In any case, it's an interesting
topic to consider and one that actually got a style="font-weight: bold;"
out of Head GM Moonlite.


So there you have it folks - a quick highlight of some of the hot
topics floating around the boards this week! Since I'll be gone next
week (yay vacations!), I debated whether or not I should call this
first installment the "Weekly" hot topic list or not. I envisioned a
number of messages next week asking how can it be weekly, if it's not
here next week? In the end, I decided it would work just fine
and since I'm providing this explanation, my proverbial tail should be
covered. Enjoy!

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