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Pantheon of the Ancients:
 Summoning of Vol Tuniel

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Quest Details

Minimum Level: 26

Quest Givers:

  • Shade of Vol Tuniel

Completed By:

  • Tashini


  • Mark of Vol Tuniel



Pantheon Quests

Tyrashnira's Lair

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    and Hidden Again

Corridor of the Pure

Completion Quests

style="font-weight: bold;">Disclaimer:
 As of July 25, 2007, the Pantheon of the Ancients quest
series is
bugged.   Sometimes the mobs won't spawn, or the quest won't
update, or other various bugs.  Some quests may be
but proceed at your own risk.

The Shade of Vol Tuniel

Let's move to the
Corridor of the Pure.  From the entrance hall, in the
Antechamber, turn right.  Proceed down that hall and you will
get to the Corridor of the Pure.  This is not all together
unlike Tyrashnira's Lair on the other side, 'cept it's prettier.

Let's start off this
side by going to the first cubby on the right.  Again, be sure
to kill the two champions by the stairs or they'll cause you nothing
but grief.  In this cubby you'll find the Shade of Vol Tuniel.

style="width: 500px; height: 419px;" alt="Shade of Vol Tuniel"
title="Shade of Vol Tuniel"

Hail the Shade and accept the quest; "Summoning of Vol Tuniel," for
which you'll have one hour to complete.

Summoning of Vol

An image will appear in your head, directing you back to the
Antechamber.  Head back there, but on the way, be sure to kill
the mobs in the hall leading back.  You'll need this path
completely clear for the next part of this quest.  The mobs in
the hall are four dot  level 27s, so your group should be able
to take them out.  If not, what are you doing here anyway? href="http://media.tentonhammer.com/vanguard/gallery/albums/album64/iniherat.jpg"> title="Ini-herat"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 92px; float: right;"
alt="Ini-herat" hspace="4" vspace="4">

Once back at the Antechamber, find Ini-herat the Attendant.
 He's the gruesome looking dead guy that will be walking
around the Antechamber.  Hail him and follow the
dialog.  He'll tell you you'll need to speak with Tashini, as
she'll be concerned about the Shade of Vol Tuniel.  He'll give
you a handful of seeds to spawn her, which may seem a tad on the Jack
and the Beanstalk side, but you'll just need to play along and hope for
the best.

Seeds in hand, go up to the fountain in the center of the room and
right-click them in your inventory.  You'll plant the seeds,
and a plant will grow in the middle of the fountain.  Right
click the flower to place a finger upon one of its petals, and poof!
 Insta-Tashini mix.  Easier than oatmeal (but not
quite as tasty).

style="width: 500px; height: 412px;" alt="Tashini"

href="http://media.tentonhammer.com/vanguard/gallery/albums/album64/tashini2.jpg"> title="Tashini"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 127px; float: left;"
alt="Tashini" hspace="4" vspace="4">At
this point, if you hail Tashini, she will ask you take her to the Shade
of Vol Tuniel.  Then she'll start flittering over to her.
 This is why it was a good idea to clear out the tunnel.
 Otherwise, all the mobs in the corridor would attack Tashini,
and you would have to defend her.

Follow Tashini into the Corridor of the Pure.  She
will stop and turn right, as if she is going to go to the
cubby.  Instead though, she will take you to the wall and
teleport your party along with herself to the Shade of Vol Tuniel.
 Why she didn't do that at the beginning is anyone's guess.

Once teleported to the Shade of Vol Tuniel, hail Tashini again.
 She will thank you for your help in getting to the Shade, and
will complete the quest for you.  You have now earned the Mark
of Vol Tuniel and are ready for the next quest!

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